Parenting Authors: How to Market a Parenting Book

We specialize in helping parenting authors sell more books.  There are a few tips we give especially to authors with parenting books that have worked wonderfully for us trying to sell our parenting book.

Here are tips for Authors who write parenting books:

1) Get in Camp fliers

Many summer camps send out recommended reading to parents.  Write some articles for them or ask to be in their materials for their pre or post-summer package sent home.

2) Speak at PTA meetings

PTA meetings are a great way to get new readers and meet parents in your area.

3) Girl/scout boy scout meetings

I have spoken at a few Cub Scout meetings to the parents while the kids are in an activity. Many are grateful to have something to do and have come back to me for my second and third books.

4) Talk to Librarians

Librarians recommend books to parents all the time.  They often have their own newsletters and blogs.  They can also connect you with PTA presidents in your area for speaking events!

5) Talk to teachers

Teachers can often get you to speak at the schools and can recommend or keep your book on their shelves for other parent teacher conferences.

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