10 Ways to be Un-Bored This Summer

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School’s out, summer’s in, but what happens when the early jam packed ways of summer gradually shift into boredom with absolutely nothing to do?  The answer for most teens is to look for alternate ways of fun.  Unfortunately, for some teens this search for fun can lead to drinking or experimenting with drugs at the ‘cool kid’ parties, but there are much better options.  Here are 10 ways that I break out of the bored mentality.  They will make this summer the best one for the right reasons.


When you volunteer you are giving something back to your community by lending a helping hand to people and organizations. Volunteering helps not only your community, but it helps you too. You gain new friendships, earn great recommendations for future employment, build up your resume, and have fun, all while making a positive impact on the world.  For a great website that show volunteering opportunities in your area, go to: www.dosomething.org. Not only will you find lots of information, they also offer grants for groups with more than 5 people, so grab some friends and have fun!


Summer is the prime time to get physically active and tone up! Make getting fit fun by mixing it up.  Run around your neighborhood or a park for a change of scenery.  Go biking with some friends.  When the summer heat kicks in, head for the pool and do some laps to stay cool while getting fit.  Make it fun and you’re sure to tone up quickly while enjoying it.


Movie nights can happen any night! There is no prep necessary! Just grab some friends, grab some movies, grab some food, and enjoy your evening.  Or if you’re feeling a bit more extraordinary, go to your local drive in!


A little fresh air never hurt anyone! Embrace the wilderness by camping and fishing at a nearby lake or river. Don’t let the weather rain on your parade either.  Play tag or Capture The Flag in the rain, it’s a blast!


Don’t waste all the learning you achieved during the school year by allowing your brain to be idle over the summer!  Variety is the key. Read, write poetry, keep a diary, memorize a play, or even visit museums. Try to learn as much as you can and you will keep your brain in shape.


You can have a game night with friends or family. Game night can be inside or outside and can include traditional board games or more physical outdoor active games. There are endless possibilities.


Dive into those creative juices and make something worth keeping. Get creative and make bracelets or pottery! Photography is also a great way to express one’s self and capture memories.  Check for photography classes that are available to the community. Make a summer scrapbook using your new photography skills and save all those fantastic summer memories.


Get a job! Everybody loves a little cash in their pocket when they go to the movies or go out with friends! Stop having to ask your parents for money and show them that you really are responsible.  With the economy in a recession, jobs (especially for teens) are hard to find, but there are jobs out there.  Sites like www.simplyhired.com andwww.teens4hire.com can match you up with employers in your area that are looking for summertime workers.


Learning to cook is fun and is a great way to take pressure off your parents by helping to prepare some of the meals.  Look through cook books or search the web for ideas to get you stated.  Begin with simple things like pancakes, cookies, or summer salads and work up to creating a full meal for your family or friends.  It’s a great way to help out around the house and to develop skills that will benefit you your entire life.


If you’ve tried looking for a job and simply cannot find any available positions or you feel that you can’t fully commit to a job, internships can provide great opportunities.  There are plenty of internships available and some can offer cash opportunities in the right circumstances. Internships are great for resumes and provide lots of real world experience.  You are able to try new things and they’re loads of fun…

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  1. jen
    June 16, 2010 at 6:58 pm #

    GREAT POST! My kids have been going around all week saying they are bored! I am sending them this link lol..

  2. Vanessa Van Petten
    June 17, 2010 at 8:25 pm #

    Thanks for the comment jen, please send the link along!



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