How Authors Can Use Facebook to Sell More Books


Facebook can be a great avenue for authors to build their author platforms and sell more books!

Here is how authors can start using Facebook:

1. Create a separate page

Facebook should be used for only one outlet.  I would absolutely create a separate page for your book and perhaps even for you as an author.  Be careful to keep your private pictures and friends in another space.

2. Contests

Facebook users love contests and back and forth conversations! Hold a contest that you will give away your book to people who share your page with the most people.  Give your followers incentives to talk about your page and recommend it to friends!

3. Link to others

Make sure to favorite other author’s and users pages.  Link to them, talk about their articles and be a collaborative Facebook user.  There is enough to go around.

4. Ask questions

A lot of experts get on Facebook and feel like they have to always be giving answers.  You can also ask questions and start a dialogue.  If your page is exciting and interesting, people will come back, buy your book and recommend it to others.

Start small, put up your page with the cover image and a small synopsis…you will be surprised the feedback you will get just with that.

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  1. I have published 3 books (with 4th coming out soon). All of the books are around three sisters who solve mysteries. Also part of the sales go to charity. On Amazon and Looking for help to get the word out.
    How can you help?



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