6-18-2010: Articles for Parents this Week

Hello Readers,

We are off to the Pacific Northwest this week! If you are in the Portland or Seattle area, let us know.

Top Articles:

Narculture 101: Teen Pot Smoking Etiquette

Six teen-devised rules of youth pot culture.

Quality Life, Quantity Life

Valuing our family life by way of quality, not quantity.

Meet A Few of Our Interns 6/15/10

Our latest teen writers cross the country, from CA to NY.

Articles from Guests:

Nonverbal Communication with Kids and Teens

Maria Sotolongo, full-time mother and blogger, learns the merits of nonverbal communication with her own children.

Articles from Teens:

The 6 Benefits of Sleep Away Camp

Though your kid might protest, sleep away camp may be better than they expect.

10 Ways to be Un-Bored This Summer

From exercising to movies to cooking, creative ways to keep yourself entertained this summer break.

New York City Time Square Bombing Scare

A NY teen’s take on the recent terrorist scare.

7 Ways for Teens to Make Quick Cash

It’s hard to rely on allowance alone and teens are looking for other ways of making some extra cash. Here are a few tips, from bake sales to tutoring.

We love:

Sponsored Book of the Week

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In Leah’s Wake

By Terri Giuliano Long

The Tylers have the perfect life – until sixteen-year-old Leah decides she doesn’t want to be perfect anymore.

As Leah’s rebellion escalates, her parents, Zoe and Will, wage a desperate battle to save their daughter from destroying her promising future. Meanwhile, Leah’s younger sister, Justine, must bear the burden of coping with the destruction her out-of-control sibling leaves in her wake.

The Tylers, once town royalty, soon find themselves isolated, the subject of vicious gossip and speculation. Jerry Johnson, the cop who intervenes, may be the only person in town who instinctively understands Dostoevksy’s conviction, that “everyone is responsible to all men and for all men and for everything.”

This mesmerizing debut novel tells the tale of a contemporary American family caught in the throes of adolescent rebellion – a heartbreaking, funny, ultimately redemptive quest for love, independence, connection and grace.

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