Graduation 2010

Wendy is a 13-year-old from Andover, MA. She enjoys art, dance, community service, music, volleyball, and track and field.

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In a blink of an eye, three years have already passed. From being the youngest of the school, we have made our way to the top, becoming the leaders: eighth graders. In these three years, so much has changed that it is truly unbelievable. Whether it is from the friends I have made but also the personality I have developed because of the course of events I have experienced. Middle school is coming to an end in just a few weeks. Many of my classmates are excited and ecstatic about the coming of high school but I will really miss this middle school experience.

Like everything in life, there will always be the memorable moments that I will always cherish but also the not so good that I try my best to forget. But with each experience, I gain more knowledge of life but also myself as a person. From walking into school into the frightening doors of the middle school as a tiny little sixth grader to the day that I will be leaving middle school for the rest of my life, never looking back, each day spent at this school will always be remembered. Leaving some place is always difficult, whether it is high school, elementary school, or camp. The feeling that never again will you be able to return is something I will always miss. I must admit I have not had the ideal middle school experience but with everything, it has its ups and downs. Those bad moments have helped me develop into a stronger individual and the good ones have encouraged me to greet each day with an optimistic attitude. The friendships I have made throughout the course of these three years will last forever and I cannot thank everyone who has helped me throughout this time. Without their endless support and encouragement, I could not have achieved the goals I have set for myself. Even though on some days, waking up for school at 6 am is quite the struggle, school is truly my second home. I have grown up with each and every student in my grade for three years already. To know that in just a few weeks that our lives will be leading to separate paths makes me kind of sad. In just a few weeks, summer will arrive and in a quick vacation, high school will be arriving: a whole new experience in our lifetime. We will be making new friends, choosing our classes, relationships will be made, and in just four years, we will be separating again.

I will miss the unforgettable memories I have made, the funny inside jokes that I will forever share with my friends, the bond that I have made between some of my teachers, and most of all seeing the school every single day with everyone in it. I will miss that sense of security and the daily routine we seem to follow without any instruction. With every separation, tears are shed and laughs are shared. On the last day of school, as we all walk across the auditorium stage to receive our certificates, it truly will be the last day of middle school. No matter how much I want to stay, how much I will miss middle school, everyone must move on. It’s a necessary step in life. I am going to cherish each and every day I have left and make the best out of time we have. There are a few weeks before graduation and in the meantime, I will not take for granted any day I have left to spend with my friends, teachers, and classmates. This truly may be the last time I see some of them as we all head off in different directions. Graduation is coming up while many are struggling to decide what dresses to wear, whether or not to wear a tux, what songs should we play, who should we invite to the graduation party, and what gifts will we be getting. In the end, none of that matters. When we leave, we should take away the most important thing of all: all the precious memories we have made in these three years. Graduation 2010, here I come!

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