Meet A New Youthologist: Kenya R. Harris

Kenya R. Harris


Phone: (800) 781-2920

Serving locally-New Jersey, Greater Philadelphia Area & Delaware

Services available worldwide via -Skype, Conference Calls & Webinars

Kenya understands the importance of acceptance and fitting in. Growing up as an only child in an urban environment, having a distant relationship with her parents and being raised by her grandparents she had to figure a lot of things out on her own and make her own opportunities. Through these experiences Kenya realized the gaps between youth, their parents and even the school system. Sometimes routines and disciplines become the status quo and adults forget or don’t have time to stay connected with youth trends and lifestyles. Kenya has a system to connect youth, parents, guardians and communities so every ones is on the same page or at least on the same chapter.

Her passion allows her to connect and build relationships so youth and parents are comfortable expressing themselves openly so the core issues can be unveiled quickly and time is spent implementing the action steps needed to make a positive change. Kenya has firsthand experience by being a parent herself and facilitating workshops, seminars and one on one coaching to youth for several years.

Specialty-Girls in 6th-12th grade, Young Women 18-25, Parents

Services: One on One coaching, Parent & Child Coaching Sessions available, Workshops & Seminars

Coaching available on various topics please see for more details


Parent for 13 years

Radical Parenting- Youthology Certification

Strayer University-Major, Business Administration; Courses in Psychology & Sociology


Boxing, reading, personal development Seminars

If you would like to become a youthologist check out our website here!

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