How Authors Can Use Social Media to Sell Books and Build Their Author Platform

Social media is a free way for authors to promote their platform and their books.

Here are a few ways Authors can use social media to sell books:

1. Offer your book as a fundraiser to schools, charities or other organizations. Or offer them to the organization in bulk at a discount. Many publishers will give you an authors discount to do that.

2. Use Twitter

Check out our article on how authors can use Twitter.

3. Make a list of target people

It is always good to have a goal in mind.  Find 10 people you wish you could read your book and find them in social media, then connect with them!

4. Do podcasts

Talkshoe and podcasters network are great types of social media authors sometimes forget.  Start pitching some smaller podcasts to be a guest to talk about your book and your specialty.

5. Give away something

Announce on social media that you will give a portion of the profits from your book sales to your favorite charity.  Then work with the charity to tell their followers as well.

6. Use Facebook

Check out our article on how authors can use Facebook.

Most of all do not get overwhelmed.  Start wit hone social network and deliver quality content instead of spreading yourself too thin over many.

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