Boredom Busters

Neyat is an Eritrean-American girl who is an aspiring writer. She enjoys reading teen fiction, looking up obscure music artists and celebrities on Wikipedia, and traveling. She hopes that one day when you teens are tired and middle-aged, you will walk into your local bookstore (to get away from your spouse and kids) and you will notice a book on the front display with her name on it as the bestselling author.

Finally! All last-minute projects and assignments have been turned in, all final exams have been taken, and you’ve bid adieu to all of your friends. The final school bell cries and it rings in the summer; you are officially home-free! Every movie about high school has illustrated this moment of elation and relief from stress quite well. However, more often than not, these movies do a pretty poor job of portraying the life of a teenager two weeks into the summer. By this time, most teens become, if not already, insanely bored. A teen will enter this state of being right about the time they realize they’ve memorized the morning sitcom line-up, all of their friends have gone on vacation or have lost touch, and they notice that they haven’t changed out of their pajamas for three days. Boredom is a sad reality of summer, but it can easily be prevented. Below is a list of 25 Boredom Busters; however, please note that some of the ideas on this list may be more effective than others.

  1. Take an exciting class (be daring and sign up for belly-dancing or even trapeze school)
  2. Create YouTube videos (who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next web sensation)
  3. Sell your junk on EBay (you could make a fortune)
  4. Make a blog (be like Tavi!)
  5. Get a pen pal (I have four and it’s addicting!)
  6. Explore your neighborhood/area (discover hidden treasures/places)
  7. Get a job (the job market’s hard, but don’t give up!)
  8. Find a new hobby (be the next yoyo or hacky sack champ)
  9. Submit to (get your writing published!)

10.  Read and/or join a book club (stimulate your mind and have intellectual convos)

11.  Exercise (right in time for swim suit season)

12.  Volunteer (It looks great on college apps and I guarantee it gives you a nice feeling)

13.  Research weird things/topics (this is where Wikipedia comes in)

14.  Build something (get handy and make a bird house or something)

15.  Cook/bake (be the next Paula Deen, ya’ll!)

16.  Watch old movies (they’re the best ones)

17.  Watch at least one sunrise/sunset (how romantic)

18.  Take summer school (learn and make new friends at the local community college)

19.  Study (please don’t shoot me for suggesting this, I just want you to pass the SAT)

20.  Call distant relatives (I know, not fun, but they’ll appreciate it)

21.  Re-decorate your room (follow feng-shui)

22.  Get crafty and sell your creations on Etsy (fun, and a way to get extra $$)

23.  Form a neighborhood game of hide and seek or kick ball (get to know those people)

24.  Hold a fashion show (Maybe among your friends is America’s Next Top Model)

25.  Create another, even better list! (and follow it!)

Enjoy your well-earned summer break fellow teens out there. I hope this list helps on those boring days! You may think you won’t need it now, but chances are, you will become a victim of boredom. So, save this list!

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