How to Sell Books with an Author Platform


Every author needs to think of their platform.  An author platform is a combination of how you market yourself and where you market yourself.

Ask yourself the following questions to build your author platform:

1) What makes you different?

2) Where do you want everyone to go to read about your book (newspaper, website, twitter)

3) Do you prefer video, writing articles, or interviews to promote your message?

4) How comfortable are you pitching yourself to producers?

5) Do you like to dialogue with readers and potential readers?

Here is what you can do to build your author platform:

1) Be a Guerrilla

Think of some cool events that are newsworthy to get on local news having to do with your book/speciality.

2) Get and awesome and relevant business card

3) Make a one sheet that talks about you, your book and where to buy it

4) Make sure people can find you

Whether that is your website or a social media package, make sure people can find you easily in Google.

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