7-2-2010: Articles for Parents this Week

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We have some Picks of the Week for you:

We did a Podcast this week with RadioDad, check it out!

We also love the iPhone mom…because it is not just your husbands phone–love it!

Top Articles:

The Importance of Male Role Models for Boys

Five reasons we need strong male role models for our young boys just as much as we need strong female ones for our young girls.

Affirming a Child’s Self-Love in a “Different-Functional” Family

Tips from both Vanessa and author Lori Hilliard for parents going through divorce and dealing with their children during this difficult time.

Articles from Guests:

MTV’s “Teen Mom,” Why This Momma Loooves That Show [Guest Post]

Author and blogger Tanya Yvonne, explains why the MTV reality show spin off of “16 and Pregnant” is must-see TV.

Articles from Teens:

Stress is More in a Teenagers Life Than Food Is

Parents may be desensitized or oblivious to the very real and abundant stress in their teenager’s life.

More Love, Less Babies

A mature take on what works and doesn’t for sex education in schools and in teens’ homes.

Boredom Busters

25 creative ways to spend your free time, from getting crafty to getting a pen pal.

Life as Chinese Americans

The personal story of one Chinese-American teen and the challenges she faces with dual cultures influencing her growth.


for our Chinese readers, read the Mandarin version here!

It Works Both Ways

The importance of open communication between parent and teen, despite teen’s temptations to often lie and parent’s temptations to scold and punish.

The 2010 World Cup: Why Should I Care?

A teen’s take on why the world cup is particularly important this time around.

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