Teens Getting High on Nutmeg?

Fox just reported on the use of Nutmeg for getting high.

It can be swallowed or snorted and supposedly gives a marijuana like high. Is this true? I have not heard it, but I would rather you see it here first.

After doing some research, I did find evidence in some of the teen forums and on Youtube of this behavior.



Why Are Teens Using Nutmeg to Get High?

1. It’s cheap

2. Its’ very easy to get

3. Parents cannot get mad if they catch you with it (unless they have read this article).

4. It’s supposedly ‘more safe’

Would love your thoughts.

One Response to “Teens Getting High on Nutmeg?”

  1. Rachel
    July 8, 2010 at 1:14 pm #

    Its like an episode on Dr. Phil. Some kids were snorting candy powder to get high. The reasons are basically the same. But it could rot the nasal cavity and make it more attractive for flies to go and lodge there

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