How to Make Money Selling Books

It is hard to make money selling books, but it CAN be done!

Here are a few tips for authors on actually making money on their books:

1) Approach other service providers

Go to doctors’ or veterinarians’ offices, truck stops, souvenir stands, restaurants and coffee shops, and ask them if they will sell your book on consignment.  Offer them a discount if they buy them from you in bulk.

2) Who are your mavens?

Malcolm Gladwell wrote about Mavens or trendsetters in certain groups.  Figure out who the mavens are in your specialty.  Hair salon owners? PTA presidents? Approach them and give them your book.

3) Get into catalogs

Many catalogues will offer your book if it has to do with their specialty.  It cannot hurt to ask and this is a great way to make money selling books!

4) Write articles

Good articles do sell books.  When you write an article that gives away great information and lets readers know your writing style, people will buy your books.

5) Do radio interviews

Radio interviews are a great way to get your book onto the airwaves.  It also gets people talking and increase your book sales so you can make more money.  They also lead to bigger media interviews.

6) Get others to sell books for you

Many speakers make money selling books in the “back of the room” (BOR).   If you cannot or will not do speaking events many other speakers can sell your books for a cut…and will talk about your book.

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