Top 5 Family Movies for Summer

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Nothing beats the hot summer heat like being in a dark, cool movie theatre with the whole family watching the best family movies for summer 2010. Here are the Top 5 Family Movies for the summer that your whole family can watch!

1.    Toy Story 3: Disney and Pixar Studios make a winning combo again with the return of Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the pack. In Toy Story 3 Andy leaves for college and the toys are packed up and donated to a day care center, where the adventures really begin.

2.    Shrek Forever After: Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey are back in the final chapter of Shrek’s story. If your kids liked the other Shrek stories, they’re sure to love the final installment. With its PG rating for mild action, some rude humor and brief language is suitable for most children.

3.    Marmaduke: Marmaduke has made it to the big screen this summer and has earned its spot in the top 5 movies of the summer. Owen Wilson voices the chaos-creating Great Dane, making for a family comedy rated PG for some crude humor and language.

4.    Karate Kid: This remake of the 1980s classic stars Jaden Smith Jackie Chan, and Tarji P. Henson. Chan, as the martial arts mentor, teaches Smith how to defend himself from bullies when he moves with his mother to Beijing. The Karate Kid is rated PG for bullying, martial arts action violence, and some mild language.

5.    Despicable Me: A great villain or a great dad? Despicable Me features the voice of Steve Carell who potray’s one of the greatest villains of the world, who is faced with a new and exciting challenge of being a dad to three orphans.

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  1. Sally
    July 11, 2010 at 4:01 pm #

    I couldn’t have said it better myself! These 5 movies are bound to be the best movies for summer! Nice arcticle :)


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    […] the perfect movie for the entire family, especially if you want to laugh.  An idea to add to this movie night is to make it even longer.  Start Toy Story 1 while you guys enjoy a dinner on the couch.  […]

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