Ways to Stay Productive over the Summer

Rachel is a 17-year-old born and raised in NYC.  She enjoys writing on any piece of paper on which she could get her hands.  Her favorite subject is English; she wishes to pursue a career as a fiction author in the future.My friend Cůca in dark photo. Summer time :) by MartinVagner.

Summer is here!  Time to relax right? Not quite.  Since there is no school, summer is the perfect time to do what you have been putting off.

  1. Take a class – Whether it’s for SATs or ACTs or even college credit, if you have some time on your hands, find a way to save money!  It’d prevent the thought that going to school would be better than being as bored as you are…and, trust me, we’ve all been there.
  2. Get a job – In a few words: to make money.
  3. Intern – Build up your résumé in a career you would like to pursue.  You would be learning from people who actually work in that field for a living.  An internship can help you create connections, which could be vital when you actually start looking for an opening for your career.
  4. Volunteer – Colleges love well-rounded students.  It could make the difference between an okay college application and a really good one.  It also helps when you need to write your entrance essays.
  5. Research colleges – Just face it: when your senior year finally arrives, the last thing on your mind will be college applications.  Start early!  Get your essays and research all sealed up in an envelope until you need to mail them.  And while all your friends start scrambling at the last minute to finish their applications, you can just smile and simply put your packets in the mailbox.
  6. Spread out your summer homework – I’m realistic: I do not finish all my homework during the 1st week of vacation.  However, I know from experience that if you finish at least one project per week, you will need to do minimal amounts of work per day AND you won’t become an insomniac during the two weeks prior to the resumption of school.  (You know who you are.)
  7. Shop for school – Believe it or not, the best sales for school shopping occurs a month after school ends.  For the past several years, I have been buying all of my school supplies for under $1 (in TOTAL).  “How?” you may ask.  Well, Staple’s has annual PENNY sales; in other words, practically any common school supply cost one cent.  Pack of pencils? 1 cent.  A folder? 1 cent.  The list goes on and on.  Only select brands are sold for this sale price.  Of course, Staple’s does not publicize this event much lest it runs out of stock.  Keep your eyes peeled for those subtle advertisements during the summer time.  You never know; you just might see my siblings and I making cycles from the store to the car.  (You’re only allowed a certain amount of supplies per purchase.)  Save a bundle by stocking up for school!
  8. Plan ahead – Make a calendar to keep tracks of your events this summer.  It’ll help you organize your work, hang outs, and travelling. Happy summer!

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