4 Things To Do Before You Hire Anyone to Work With Your Kids

I have posted before about making sure to do thorough background research on childcare providers, babysitters or anyone working with your kids as we often get email stories from readers asking us to spread the message.  I was approached by IntelliCorp InTouch to look over their program to help parents I was blown away.  I have had parents ask us how to do background checks on potential childcare professionals or babysitters and I really had no idea.  They have a few suggestions on how to safely hire someone to work with your kids:

1. Perform A Simple Online Background Check

I know this might seem like a big thing to do for a nanny or live-in housekeeper, but I have heard way too many stories about seemingly safe people.  I would always rather be safe than sorry.

2. Ensure the environment around your child meets your expectations

I was really surprised to hear that this is a focus of IntelliCorp InTouch, many of the background check websites or companies I have seen are more corporate and do not keep childcare professionals in mind to provide a safe environment for kids.

3. Ask the Right Questions:

IntelliCorp InTouch provided me with some great questions to ask potential employees:

What are your disciplinary practices?

Are you up-to-date with first aid and CPR training?

How long do you typically stay at one position?

Will your child be taken on field trips and, if so, where and with whom?

4. Dig a Little Deeper

There is more to a background check than you think, and here is where it is always a good idea to get a little more information:

Personal Background Check — this gives you the noncriminal aspects of a potential candidate’s life, such as possible aliases, address history, phone numbers, relatives,associates, neighbors, marriage and divorce records, bankruptcy filings.

Criminal History — this lets you check for any criminal information associated with an individual — court records; inmate, parole, and probation records; sex offender and terrorist watch lists.

Reverse lookup — searches a phone number or e-mail address to identify who a phone number or e-mail address truly belongs to.

I would highly recommend checking out some of their programs, perhaps bookmarking their page for when you are hiring.  Please take the extra precautions when hiring people to work with your children, in a down economy you want to make sure you are getting the best people for your family.

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