7-16-2010: Articles for Parents This Week

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4 Things To Do Before You Hire Anyone to Work With Your Kids

Top Articles:

Summer Hot Teen Book Pick: The Hunger Games Cast
This summer’s Twilight has all the teens glued to its pages. Here are our thoughts on the ideal cast for the movie version of the book, Hunger Games, due out next year.

Mom Life: What Type of Mom Are You
Vanessa appears on this heartwarming show about what it means to be a mother.

Lack of Eye Contact with Young People
4 reasons why this growing trend amongst young people has Vanessa worried, and 4 ways we can improve it.

“Classmates I’d Like to Make Babies With”
Teens creating lists is nothing new, but some of the topics are, from the brazen to the bizarre.

Articles from Guests:

Getting Kids to Listen…Why Yelling Doesn’t Work [Guest Post]
James Lehman, behavioral therapist and creator of The Total Transformation Program for Parents, helps parents understand why yelling is not an effective form of communication.

Cucumbers and Unique Ways to Prevent Type Two Diabetes [Guest Post]
Suzanne Ault, author of diabetic diet recipes, explains the many health benefits of cucumbers, along with a sample recipe.

Articles from Teens:

15 Conversation Starters for You and Your Teen
How to break a teen out of his or her one word answers that parent’s hate so much.

Your Dreams, Your Future — 4 Steps to Help You Get There
Figuring out what you like and don’t like is a great way to pick your life goals.

Top 5 Family Movies for Summer
The summer blockbusters are out and our teen opinions are in. Here are the top movies for families this summer.

Ways to Stay Productive over the Summer
Yes, it is important that our teens get a break, but we don’t want them bored! Here are 9 different activities that will keep them busy this summer.

Picks of the Week:

“The Adopt-A-Block Guidebook” for individuals and groups.  Reach out to neighbors to create a safe neighborhood for youth! For example: In Oakland, there are 463 churches and 100 civic groups.  Imagine the impact on youth if each group adopted just one block?

I think this is a critical time!  Many cities are facing budget cuts and the reduction of community programs.  We need more citizens involved to keep kids and neighborhoods safe.  Check out the Safe Kids Now website at:www.safekidsnow.com and for more information about her book, go to www.safekidsnow.com/adoptablock.html.

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