Clique Workshops for Girls

We have created specialized workshops for self-esteem, friendships and healthy lifestyle planning and prevent against bullying, cliques and risky behaviors.

Vanessa’s Story:

Vanessa Van Petten, teen author of the parenting book “You’re Grounded!,” writes along with 60 teen writers, ages 12-20 to help parents and adults get an honest and open view into the world and mind of youth. Van Petten, now 25, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Emory University in May of 2007, the same month, her book “You’re Grounded!” launched and was named in the “Top 5 Hottest Books” on Amazon it’s first month.

•Her site contains thousands of articles, videos, screencasts and live chats with Van Petten, teen writers and trendsetters from 34 different coutnries to offer parents a win- dow into the daily lives of their teen and tween kids. She shows parents how to talk with their screen-obsessed net generation children about everything: including safely using Facebook, smoking pot, High School dances, oral sex, and gives them tips from actual teens.

•Van Petten is now on an international speaking tour and was chosen as one of the top 100 Bloggers to watch by Women’s Magazine.

• is read by thousands of teens and parents daily. In January 2009 she spoke at the Consumer Electronics Show at the session “Teens and Social Networking.”

•She was featured on CNN, CBS 4 Miami and Fox 5 New York and has been in the Wall Street Journal, Teen Vogue, MSN Money, Good Housekeeping Online, Atlanta Insite Magazine and the World Journal. She has been an expert on Playboy Radio, KBUR, WCOJ Philadelphia and more for giving a young perspective on awesome parenting.

Vanessa’s Mission Statement: To improve parent-teen relationships by providing them with new perspectives, stories and neutral places to communicate. This will help families build strong relationships that promote healthy attitudes and lifestyle behaviors in this generation of young adults.

What Makes Vanessa Different: One of the reasons so many communities have brought Vanessa to speak is because she is young enough to know where teens are coming from and have them open up to her and she is old enough to respect and translate for parents. She also interacts with thousands of teens on a weekly basis, her research studies, one-on-one work and position in the media give her a platform to understand youth in a very different way.

Radical Approach: Vanessa teaches, applies and is currently doing research on the principles of Dr. Paul Ekman on human lie detecting and emotional reading. She often teaches audiences–both teens and parents, how to read facial microexpressions, be a human lie detector and excel at social literacy to be able to read who they are communicating with. Vanessa has found this essential to her help for teens and parents. Parents learn to better understand their teenager and kids grasp the importance of social literacy to prevent bullying, cliques and miscommunication with their parents. This makes for lively and unique presentations.

See our media page for clips, reviews and testimonials. Also see Vanessa’s Consulting.

  • Social Literacy: Anti-Clique, Argument Prevention and How to be a Human Lie Detector

This program is unlike any other parent or teen workshop. Ranging from audiences of 12 to 600 Vanessa teaches participants how to use a totally new form of communication to radically change the anger/guilt cycle, clique formation and the decline of teen empathy.

Girl Workshops

Vanessa uses very unique techniques to connect with and teach girls about self-care, bully prevention, cliques, jealousy and drama. To get more details on her approach, feel free to contact us.

-Dating (Choices, break-ups, safe sex)

-Friendship Challenges, the mean-girl syndrome, growing apart, betrayal, conflicts, competition and cliques.

-Academic and School pressures

-Career planning, resume building and confusing feelings about direction in life.

-Challenging family relationships

-Decision Making

-Negative self-esteem, confidence, self-destructive behavior and overall self-acceptance

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“My wife and I were so impressed with the topic and your presentation.

You are amazingly articulate (no ums, you know, ahhs), on point, concise, poised, with good presence and comedic timing. And not just for your age – for any public speaker. You have a career in television. I can’t believe how polished you are. You made the time fly.

For the first time, I got the generation gap between my son (16 years-old) and me (46). All parents know there will be a generation gap. This is as certain as death and taxes. But your insight into technology, youths’ need for connectiveness, their “playground”, “friends”, social pressure, and sadly, their collective weakness to interact person-to-person, were mind-blowing.

I have a much better understanding of what taking away a cell phone or computer means to our son when he’s grounded. It makes some of his behavior (good and bad) more understandable. (He’s glued to YouTube.)

I was slightly skeptical that a young person like you could provide helpful parenting advice. In an era when a seven-year-old can give relationship advice (true story), I thought you had to be older and be a parent first. Boy, was I wrong. Your insight was gold to us and we will always appreciate your information.

We bought your book and look forward to reading it.
John Chavez”

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