Mom Song Response Video

We love making funny videos. This video is in response to Anita Renfroe’s Mom Song sung to William’s Tell’s Overture!

Mom’s Song Kid’s Response William Tell’s Overture


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3 Responses to “Mom Song Response Video”

  1. "carrett"
    December 30, 2010 at 5:16 pm #

    Where are the physics to the mom song response? It said that you could find the lyrics to the song here.

  2. mayra
    April 27, 2011 at 8:47 am #

    Mom Song Kid’s Response Lyrics
    by Vanessa Van Petten

    I am up, I am up, I’m up and dressed
    Can I wear this, am I cute, are the boys impressed
    Wheres my clothes and my shoes and my backpack at
    And, Yes I’m wearing that
    No mom, no OJ, wheres the pop tarts at
    Wheres my lunch, eww gross, do I look fat?
    After school bring me a snack when I get back
    And then its homework until I collapse

    Watch some TV shows, to us teens its the most important thing of all
    Get my TIVO for set up for gossip girls—the coolest show of all
    Please remember not to come downstairs when my friends are over here
    Just stay upstairs all the time so when we gossip you will not hear
    TTYL, Not now, I’m coming, can you drive me there

    Close my door, Get out! Please dont touch or mess up my hair
    I said thank you, I dont want to, please dont bother me
    Theres my cell phone, its a text, Ill have to BRB
    LOL, cu later, take me to the mall
    Wait one second I have to take this call.

    Thats so chill, so cool, oh mom please chillax
    ROTFL, oh please dad just relax
    I hear breathing mom, is that you on my call
    While youre here though can I have money for the mall
    Hi mom, its me, Im over at sandys

    and I’m wondering if I can spend the night? We’re watching movies
    And yes, Sandy’s mom is also here right now,
    talk to her, oh maybe shes in the shower so im not sure how.
    I forgot my homework, what Im grounded, oh you are so unfair
    Were you never young, youre the worst, whatever, and you are always late to day care

    Do I have to, I dont want to, can I have some money
    Not a boyfriend, were just friends, just an FWB
    You dont get me, your so lame, can you drop me off here
    I dont want my friends to see you near
    My day was fine, and my test was just ok

    ill never be like you, my kids will be great
    dont read my diary, just give me my privacy
    Can I go to the dance, I wont get an STD
    Oh and about parents who patrol
    about Parental controls

    they don’t really work
    We know when you lurk
    And often cover up
    With fake homework
    Or IM our friends red parents alert

    So I want to tell you that when we say that we hate you
    We know
    you really want to keep us safe
    But can I just make our case
    Sometimes we just want a little freedom from your rules
    And when you nag us, and tell us to
    Take out the trash and clean dog poo
    Our only course of action is to roll our eyes at you

    Brush my teeth, wash my face, fight with mom
    Text my friends, ask for money, put my retainer on
    I guess its true, I love you
    And tomorrow we will do this all again because a moms nags never end
    Can I have a later curfew
    I need it, just trust me, everyone else does it too
    Hey mom hey mom hey mom hey mom, hey mom
    I love you, I do, I just never tell you!

  3. mayra
    April 27, 2011 at 8:49 am #

    here are the lyrics to the kids response song

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