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Kids are tired of being lectured by their parents and parents are desperately trying to connect and support their kids…but don’t really know what is going on with them or how to reach them. Radical Teenagers is run by actual teens and 20-somethings.

Our Mission:

-Use our experiences to help parents truly understand and learn how to inspire their kids.
-Mentor, not lecture, teens and tweens on their level. Inspire them, give them the right tools so they can be happier and healthier adults.

Our Principles:

1) High self esteem is our number one priority, everything we do and teach helps parents and teenagers feel good about themselves and what they do.

2) We believe that despite the lows and highs of a parent-child relationship, you can be close with each other. We strive, in very unique ways, to bring families closer, stop bad patterns and build strong, stable relationships.

3) We do not believe in one blanket answer, perfect formulas or traditional parenting ‘self-help’ methods. We use a highly successful and unique format, and then work hard to personalize each one to figure out the answer that is exactly right for you or your child.

What Makes us Different:

Young: We are young, we think this gives us an essential edge to push for radical change in your family.

Relatable: Kids can relate to us and therefore will listen. Parents, by hearing from a mentor close to the age of their child, can get better insight, tools and advice that is really relevant to their lives.

Challenging: Maintaining closeness and harmony in your family and within yourself is a constant challenge and takes work. We do not pretend to have easy fixes, but offer complete support while pushing you and your family to grow and challenge yourself to see awesome results.

Unique: We have very unique principles and teaching methods that are highly personalized.

All-Around-Support: We are one of the few companies that supports all sides of the parenting equation. We have seminars, programs and mentors for parents, teachers, teens, tweens and kids.
Exclusive: We know this program is not for everyone. We maintain a high price point and only accept certain families into our programs to make sure that you are just as committed to your change as we are.

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