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We have a ton of resources for schools at Radical Parenting. Check out what we have for you below:

1. Virtual School: How Academics have gone Virtual

In this section we have a whole series of articles on school and how it is gone virtual!

2. School Speaker:

Vanessa Van Petten travels the country speaking to schools about family relationships, teen lifestyles, school-life balance and many other issues pertaining to 2nd through 12th grade students. Vanessa has done hundreds of school events in a lively and fun event format. She typically does a rotation of three hours back to back, one for students, one for teachers and one for parents!

Here are her most popular talks for schools:


  • Understanding the Net-Generation, Digital Kids in Adult Friendly Terms

This workshop gives a complete overview into what kids and teens 6-18 are doing online and how parents and adults can leverage the Internet’s assets and help their children avoid it’s pitfalls. We also look at social applications, online trends and even slang. Vanessa talks about how technology is affecting all areas of life in new ways–friendship, dating, school and even self-esteem.

  • Teen Secret Communication 101: The Science of Relationships

Have you ever wished you could know when someone was lying to you? In this dynamic presentation, Vanessa Van Petten teaches teens and parents how they can use scientific research to get what they want from their relationships, stop fighting and understand their sometimes frustrating counterparts. Using social and emotional literacy skills, Vanessa provides youth with a new strategy to fight bullying, lying and drama. Vanessa’s unique perspective, hilarious stories and groundbreaking research have stunned and delighted audiences all over the world.

  • Social Literacy: Anti-Clique and Anti-Bullying

This program is unlike any other parent or teen workshop. Ranging from audiences of 12 to 600 Vanessa teaches participants how to use a totally new form of communication to radically change the anger/guilt cycle, clique formation and the decline of teen empathy.

For more info on Vanessa’s speaking for schools, click here.

“My wife and I were so impressed with the topic and your presentation. You are amazingly articulate (no ums, you know, ahhs), on point, concise, poised, with good presence and comedic timing.  And not just for your age – for any public speaker.  You have a career in television.  I can’t believe how polished you are.  You made the time fly.

For the first time, I got the generation gap between my son (16 years-old) and me (46).  All parents know there will be a generation gap.  This is as certain as death and taxes.  But your insight into technology, youths’ need for connectiveness, their “playground”, “friends”, social pressure, and sadly, their collective weakness to interact person-to-person, were mind-blowing.

I have a much better understanding of what taking away a cell phone or computer means to our son when he’s grounded.  It makes some of his behavior (good and bad) more understandable.  (He’s glued to YouTube.)

I was slightly skeptical that a young person like you could provide helpful parenting advice.  In an era when a seven-year-old can give relationship advice (true story), I thought you had to be older and be a parent first.  Boy, was I wrong.  Your insight was gold to us and we will always appreciate your information. We bought your book and look forward to reading it. –John Chavez”

3. School Related Articles:

6 Ways to Multi-Task

It is important to teach middle school students how to multi-task effectively.  We want to make sure students are studying well.

How to be More Efficient

Have you ever sat down yourself or with your child to do homework and it just moves so slowly? This is a problem with efficiency and we consider efficiency an ultimate study skill and give you some easy tips for it.

How to Stop Procrastinating

Middle school students are young enough to learn how to avoid procrastination habits early.  If they learn to use study skills early, their grades will benefit significantly.

Reading Study Skills: How to Memorize As You Read

This is a great skill to practice early.  Many people do not apply study skills to reading, but we think it is a great way to absorb your reading and study as you do homework reading.

5 Tips for Wandering Workers

Do you have a wandering worker? Are you a wandering worker? Find out!

Pros and Cons of Virtual Studying

More and more of school is going online.  Here are some of our favorite free tools.

How to Cure School Burn-Out

Usually middle school students aren’t burned out yet.  But you might want to read this article to prepare for the end of school blues.

Emailing Teachers: 5 Tips to Successfully Email Teachers

As schooling becomes more and more virtual (e-books, online homework, etc) it is important to learn how to develop proper relationships with teachers online as well as in class

Teacher CyberBating: Terrible Teen Classroom Trend Teens are now angering teachers, filming their reaction and then putting it all over YouTube…what can we do?





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