How Facebook Worked For Me

Pranshu is a 13-year old that lives in San Jose, CA. He enjoys reading and playing the saxophone.Facebook by Franco Bouly.

When I left my old school after sixth grade, I worried that I would not be able to contact or talk to my old friends. I had forgotten I had a Facebook.

I signed up for a Facebook account in the middle of the year. I never used it after that. One of my friends had asked me before,”Why don’t you have a Facebook?” I replied that I didn’t really participate in Internet fads, and that it would be over soon. Just to make him stop pestering me though, I did get one anyway. I never used it after that.
As I sat there playing cards with my friends, I felt sad that I wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with most of my friends there, as one of them was going to the same school I was heading to. Then I heard someone say, “I’ll add you on Facebook.”
At that moment, I remembered that I had a Facebook. I asked some of my friends if they had a Facebook account. Most of them didn’t because they didn’t want to get sucked into it, like I thought before.
After the last day of school, I added whoever was my friend at school. I also added other friends I knew before, as well as family members. I could talk to my friends again. I could help my friends again. I was
Whenever someone needed an opinion, they would post something up, and I would try my best to answer their problem. If I needed help, I would ask them. I could message them if they wanted to hang out somewhere, or just to chat.
A year and a half later was the first time I asked for help from my friends. One of my friends was ignoring me, and I didn’t know why. This was after our school’s award ceremony, so I suspected it was
jealousy, but I wasn’t sure. I tried approaching him about it, but he ran away every time. I posted a note on Facebook and got replies back within the hour.
One person said that people like him aren’t worth the trouble, and that I should just forget about it. She explained it quite colorfully. Another one of my friends said to try to resolve what happened and see
why he was avoiding me. I went to ask why he was avoiding me, in front of all our mutual friends. He replied something obnoxious, and I knew that he was jealous over some stupid thing. I severed ties with him.
I felt like I did the right thing, so I didn’t feel bad about what I did. As one of my friends stated, “What did YOU do? It’s his fault.” Without the color, though. With those words, I realized that some
people aren’t worth the trouble in the first place, and that Facebook friends may not be the right friends. But it still is one of the best ways to contact someone without being face-to-face.

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