7-23-2010: Articles for Parents This Week

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Top Articles:

Advice to Teen Girls: When Your Parents Embarrass You
7 questions and answers that will guide both parents and their daughters to a healthier relationship.

Kids, Teens and Spelling
With the onslaught of technology, one of the fundamentals kids are leaving behind is spelling. Here are ways we can discourage spell check and encourage spelling skills.

Articles from Guests:

How to maintain open lines of communication–from a mom and teens’ perspective [Guest Post]
Sharon Hamilton, founder of Educate2Project and KidPhone Advocate, has an honest conversation with her 15 year old son about the dangers and uses of cell phones.

Developing Decision-Makers [Guest Post]
Daniel Darling, author, speaker and pastor, helps parents answer that nagging question, “Will my child make good choices?”

Articles from Teens:

How Facebook Worked For Me
One teen’s conversion from anti-Facebook to pro!

3 Useful Parenting Tools on Facebook
How Facebook can actually bond you with your teen and help you be a better parent.

An inside look at the popular teen trend of tattoos. Why they are appealing to teens, and to many parents’ relief, why they are not appealing to teens.

The Oil Spill Disaster
This unfortunate disaster reminds us to be kind to our planet. Here are a list of easy things we can do to help out environment.

This Week’s Sponsor:

4th, 5th and 6th Grade Workshops

Vanessa Van Petten has recently been doing workshops for 4th, 5th and 6th graders all over the country after a recent study showed this was the target age for internet safety learning.  If you would like to bring Vanessa Van Petten into your community or school, please email manager@scienceofpeople.com for a list of programs.  Vanessa uses a unique method to reach kids on their level and understand the dangers, benefits, and tactics for navigating the online world.  She discusses cyberbullying, spam, privacy, safety, predators, online homework help and more.

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