Achieving your Dreams

Wendy is a 13-year-old from Andover, MA. She enjoys art, dance, community service, music, volleyball, and track and field.

Many times in life, we as kids are given advice by the adults that surround us whether they are parents or teachers but also from our peers. Because of our age, the experiences and growth we go through are only tiny snapshots of the ones to come; the ones that our parents had once had to go through. And even though sometimes the things they tell me sound ridiculous at first, as I move on through life’s adventures, I truly benefit from the guidance they give me on the way.

When I was still young, my parents once told me there were 3 ways of helping you to achieve your dream and by following these steps everyday, I have made my way closer to achieving mine. These three steps may seem easy at first but they are harder than they seem. Hopefully, you too will be able to reach your goals with the help of these pieces of advice.

1.       Persevere. In life, it is impossible to not hit a few bumps in the road or be blocked by the obstacles life puts in front of you but even when that happens, don’t give up and do not back down. Even when times get tough, hold your head up high and continue to move on no matter how difficult it seems at first. As long as you persevere, what you want will no longer be that far away.

2.       Keep a positive mind. I know that through the conflicts we face everyday; it is truly a struggle to always face each and every day with an optimistic attitude. When life puts us down, getting back up requires determination and strength from the inside. And even when you think things could never turn out more worse than the situation you are in right now, still keep a smile on your face and remember to be happy because not only is that the most important thing in life but also it gives you a better perspective on the subject and motivates you to keep on working harder.

3.       Work hard. You can’t expect to succeed without first putting your best foot forward. As long as you try your best, in the end, no matter what the outcome is, you will have nothing to regret because you already did the best of your ability.

Just these seven words right here have made an everlasting impact on my life and hopefully they will do the same for you!

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