10 of the Weirdest Things You Can Do With Technology

I love technology. Over the past few years I have kept a log of all the websites and kinds of technology that have surprised be. Here are a few of the most interesting ones from my list:

1. Bug Spray iPhone App

Whoever thought you could have a sprayless bugspray? I didn’t. But this app supposedly sends out a vibration/sounds that bugs hate.

2.Texting Helps Liver Transplants

This one is a lot more positive and I love it! For teenagers who’ve had a liver transplant, text message reminders to take their medications reduce the risk of organ rejection.

3. GPS to Track Your Child On Their Gap Year

Isn’t the whole point of a gap year to get away from your parents and be off on your own? A mom in England ordered her son Harry, 19, to carry a credit-card sized tracker while he travels across Australia, Thailand and South Africa in his gap year.

4. Fake Flushing Sounds to Get Off the Phone

I have been tempted to use this, but never have. This website: Sorrygottogo has a variety of sounds that help you get off the phone. Everything from a doorbell to a barking dog.

5. Letting Others Decide with Websites

Being indecisive is no longer a great hinderance. There are a few websites that are helping people make choices. Letsimondecide is one such website that has you put in your question or issue and ‘Simon’ tells you what to do. You can also use Ask500 where you ask 500 people a question and they respond!

6. Dog translator

’nuff said.

7. Track Your Happiness on an iPhone

This iPhone app lets you track when you are happy and when you aren’t and then helps you figure out your best and worst times of day!

8. Storysomething

Have you ever wished you could create or be in your own bed time stories? Now you can with Story Somethin. It puts your children at the center of their own interactive story worlds.

9. Sonar Ruler

If you are a student and do not want ot carry around a rule. This iPhone app will help you use a sonar ruler instead!

10. Wecamlocator

This is a directory of all worldwide webcams. Everything from ship webcams to videos of animals–live.  Sounds creepy, but it is a pretty cool way to see the weather in Antarctica.

I love these tools, which are your favorite?

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