Hot Teen Trend: Silly Bandz


I am currently doing interviews with all of my interns for my book and one of our questions is:

What is a hot teen trend right now?

Almost every single teen has mentioned Silly Bandz. Silly Bandz are tiny rubber bracelets in the shapes of animals, household items, cowboy hats…you name it they got it. This is actually one trend I am happy to report about because they are reasonably priced and very safe.

Why are Silly Bandz catching on?

Here are the reasons our teens gave us:

1) They can be personalized

I think one of the reasons teens love these so much is that you can wear a cool bracelet others have, but there are a thousand different shapes and colors. Many teens like to pick out ones that match their personalities, hobbies or tastes.

2) They are cool

It seems that all kinds of teens are wearing them–boys, girls, techies, jocks, cheerleaders. They are a cool new social unifier.

3) They are allowed

Silly Bandz are no threat to parents–thank goodness! So, it is easy for teens to wear them without stepping on any toes.

4) They are affordable

They are relatively cheap for a trend and they go with every outfit!

Why do you or your teens wear Silly Bandz and do you think it will last?

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