Things You Never Hear From a Teen/ Parent [Humor]


  1. Could you please drop me off at the dance and walk me in?
  2. Mom, dad this is my new boyfriend he works at Planned Parenthood.
  3. Dad, I don’t really want a mac, can I get a PC?
  4. I feel that going to summer school could help improve my performance and educational development.
  5. Boy: High school sucks, I never should have hooked up with so many girls.  Boy 2: Ya, just think of all of the respect you would have from our football coach if you had turned down the hook ups, you would be so much cooler.
  6. Mom will you please tell me all about how you are doing with your menopausal symptoms?
  7. I think the reason why everyone respects me so much is because I am so in touch with my feminine side.
  8. I joined the Math club to get with girls not for like the mathathons. Duh.
  9. Can we just have some cuddle time later?


  1. I just looked through your sock drawer and was so, so impressed with what I found.
  2. I am so glad we saw Hannah Montana 2, it really solved the cliff hangers at the end of Hannah Montanna 1
  3. Please honey, put on the Disney Channel and watch that episode of Kim Possible for the fourth time and tell me what you learned this time.
  4. Why don’t you do your “Who is your hero?” paper on Kesha?
  5. Dad: You know what’s really interesting? You, telling me all about how sally got her first period!
  6. You know what would be great honey? Tonight for our date night lets rewatch old MTV music awards shows and imitate young female pop stars objectifying themselves.
  7. Is that your new Gothic outfit? Honey, you look fabulous!

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  1. JaneneMurphy
    August 17, 2010 at 4:52 pm #

    Tee hee! Those are good ones. I’ve written a few of my own and, I’m happy to say, there aren’t any duplicates! Re. Dropping teens off at the dance: I love technology. Now when a teen needs to be picked up somewhere you can’t even ring the doorbell. You have to text them that you’re outside in the car so they can make a parent-free exit. Gotta love it.

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