3 Ways to Ease the Summer to School Transition

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1. Ready Routines.

About two weeks before school starts, make bedtime earlier and dust off the old alarm clock. Also aim to serve meals at around the same times your child will be eating at throughout the school year!

2. Cover Ground Rules.

Decide when and where they will do homework. Be sure to tricky topics like whether they can watch TV after finishing their homework? What time will their curfew be? When does the caffeine get cut-off? What newly acquired chores will your child have? Establishing guidelines early will help make things easier as your child returns to school.

3. Un-Stress the Dress.

Simply enough, let your child choose special first-day clothes. Your child will feel super important just knowing that they are getting the opportunity to choose their own first day of school outfit. To help your child without them knowing, move the fall clothing items to the front of their closet, this will allow them to pick out a weather appropriate outfit. You don’t want your child returning to elementary school with a skimpy tank top and shorts. Shorts and tank tops are sometimes suitable for the beginning of fall, but for the first day of school you probably want them to look a little nicer.

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