Silly Bandz: The Trend Sweeping The Nation

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Trends come and go, and Silly Bandz are the new trend that has arrived. According to CBS News article titled, “Silly Bandz Success Anything But Silly,” Silly Bandz are sillicone rubber bands that come in different colors, different shapes (mostly animal shapes), glow in the dark colors, tie die, and many more. The silicone bands when worn as bracelets look like a normal rubber band, but when taken off they return to their original shape. Silly Bandz can be bought at most toy stores all over and can be purchased online from numerous websites like At a pack of 24 Silly Bandz cost about five dollars. Although to some this trend in rubber bands may seem silly, stores cannot keep these rubber bands in stock! They are collected, traded, and worn by children (and adults) of all ages.

With all great trends comes great rumors. Here are 4 of the most popular rumors revolving around these bracelets:

1. Do Silly Bandz represent sex? According to Silly Bandz are exchanged as ‘secret codes’ to represent sexual favors. For example, blue means oral sex. Although this may be the case for some areas or schools, this trend of different colors representing sexual favors is not a common use of Silly Bandz.

2. Are Silly Bandz dangerous? People collect and wear as much as hundreds of Silly Bandz on their wrists! It is said that wearing too many of these rubber bands can cause a loss of blood circulation in one’s wrists. confirms that wearing too many of these rubber bands can cause a restriction of blood flow in the hands and arms. So in order to avoid this problem, parents should advise their child to wear a normal amount (about 10) at one time. Also, these bands should really be taken off when you sleep, swim, or can potentially cause risk.

 3. Are schools banning Silly Bandz? Yes, according to some schools all over the country are banning these rubber bands! The reason is because many teachers and schools find that students are using these rubber bands as distractions from class, arguing over trading, and even shooting.

4. Do wearing Silly Bandz cause cancer? This rumor has been circulating throughout conversations about these bands. However, there is no proof or evidence of this.

You may be wondering, who is the creator of these rubber bands that have turned into a phenomenon? CBS News reports that Robert Croak is the inventor of Silly Bandz. He got the idea after seeing a similar product designed for Japanese offices. In the last few months, his business has grown tremendously. The reason why he thinks these rubber bands has become so popular? Croak said it is because at only $5 a pack, Silly Bandz is a trend that parents and kids can afford in today’s economy. Aside from Croak, who is wearing Silly Bandz? The answer is surprising. These rubber bands are most popular among school-aged children throughout the country. However, adults have been seen wearing them too. Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted wearing an orange colored Silly Band on her appearance on The View. Also, Glamour magazine ran an article titled, “Mary-Kate Olsen Wears Silly Bandz! Have You Ever Been Obsessed By A Trend Intended For Kids?” Although I personally think this trend is meant for tweens, it is evident that from school children to adults Silly Bandz are a trend that is worn and has gained popular status. The amount of time this trend will last is unknown, but what is known is that Silly Bandz are an inexpensive trend adored by all ages.

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  2. custom silly bandz
    September 12, 2010 at 5:55 am #

    silly bandz are awesome, it makes a lot of fun. KIDS like to wear them, collect them and trade them.


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