High School without Drugs and Alcohol

Morgan is a 15 year old from Goddard, KS. She enjoys playing soccer, writing and music. She is a history lover who dreams of being a successful lawyer some day.

Drugs, alcohol, high school; some might say that the three of those all run together or tend to be acknowledged with one another. Not for me! 52.8 percent of high schoolers use/try drugs by their senior year I’m a part of the 47.2 percent that don’t, and I don’t have any intentions of doing those anytime in my near future.*

Some also might say that making it through high school without doing both or at least one of them is an entirely possible feat. I believe that through a lot of self respect and these 10 things, I can continue to stay on the right track and steer clear of the things that could possibly hurt me someday.

1. I’m confident.
I know exactly who I am, I do not feel the need to give in to peer pressure just to ‘fit in’ or be friends with certain people. I know what I want out of life and a night of fitting in with certain people that could possibly ruin my future won’t be happening anytime soon.

2. I have a promising future.
I’m an honors student, straight A’s with an interest in law and politics. My biggest goal in life is to be a successful lawyer. I’m on the right track to achieving that goal, even as a sophomore in high school. I’m not going to be the person who lets everything they’ve worked for go down the tube just because I drank a little too much one night or got addicted to drugs.

3. I’ve got good friends.
By surrounding myself with people that don’t drink and do drugs, I’m able to find alternatives that still let me have fun and enjoy
myself without getting involved in things I don’t need to be.

4. Drugs aren’t cool.
Simply enough, drugs aren’t cool and they sure won’t make you cool. If you think that drugs and drinking will lead to friends, then think again. Sure, you may acquire some new friends through partying. However those friends will be you’re drinking buddies and won’t be lifelong friends.

5. I want to remember high school.
I’ve heard stories about people who can’t even remember what they did last Friday night because it was filled with beer pong, shots, and doing drugs. Not being able to remember things just doesn’t sound very appealing to me! I want to remember my high school days especially because they’re said to be the best days of your life.

6. My interests.
I’m the executive editor of the yearbook staff, I’m interested in school, I’m a midfielder for our high school soccer team, and I’ve got too much on the line to risk for one or two nights of ‘fun’.

7. I have proud parents.
My parents have told me repeatedly that they are proud of who I am and who I am becoming. I couldn’t disappoint them by completely changing my personality and changing who I really am.

8. I’d be scared.
I don’t know a lot about drugs, and I don’t plan on learning from first hand experiences. I’ve learned about drugs through D.A.R.E
and drug education courses from school, but I do not know what each drug can do and will do. If I were to even try drugs, I would be
scared what would happen. The face that I couldn’t control my own actions is a huge turn off for me!

9. I’m happy.
Quite literally, I do not need drugs to make my life better. I’ve had my share of hard times and struggles, believe me I have. I don’t see how snorting something or drinking can make everything just disappear and make all your problems go away. In all actuality, it won’t…so why do drugs in the first place!?

10. I respect myself.
I’ve got insane amounts of respect for myself. I’m not going to start downgrading myself now.

* These statistics were from 2003 and were found on this website: http://

****This article was written from my opinion and my beliefs, it was meant to possibly steer people in the direction I am taking with my life. In no way is it meant to say that you shouldn’t do that, yes it is what I believe, but I’m not going to tell someone what to do.

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3 Responses to “High School without Drugs and Alcohol”

  1. Jaremy Barnish
    September 28, 2010 at 11:52 am #

    im in high school and im a nobody in middle school i had it all girls and grades but this yeah im in 9th grade and it bites i feel like all my friends were fake and the girls just thout it would make them look better … im lost in school and i dont wanna do drugs or drink but high schools hard with out friends

  2. Yuppie outside of her bubble
    December 20, 2011 at 12:57 am #

    What bothers me about this article is that Morgan seems to be implying that people who do drugs do not possess the qualities needed to succeed in life (career aspirations, confidence, and self respect). I am a Senior in High School.I am on my school swim team, am an editor for my school newspaper, and just received a four year scholarship to a prestigious honors college.By our society’s standards, i seem to have it all: A modeling contract, all the right invitations, boys drooling at my feet, money blah blah blah. I am confident in who I am and why I do things.

     The reason that I do drugs and drink is because I hate that I am part of a materialistic society whose teenagers only seem to value popularity, sex and money. Every middle class, teeny-bopping, yuppy-in-training aspires to go to college, get a degree, get married, have kids and live in a house with a white picket fence and spend the rest of their lives rotting in a comfortable, secure oblivion.
    I really can’t handle this. Here, alcohol and drug use become a paradox for me: On one hand I do both of them to stop thinking. i need to calm my thoughts and ignore the fact that I live in a society whose force I will never be able to defeat. On the other hand, by being hedonistic, I am giving in to my society’s ways even more. What angers me the most is that those of us that live in 1st world countries, with no hardship, are the unhappiest people in the world. This is because we are too focused on shallow goals, such as furthering our careers, appearances and bank accounts.
    I don’t do drugs to fit in. Quite honestly, I don’t care about fitting in. Drugs help me put my life in perspective, and focus on the things that really matter, like playing with my little sister, eating good food, appreciating what I have, and using my skills to help others. They also help me have a kick-ass time at parties, but thats just an added plus that distracts from feeling like a factory product.


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