10 Ways Teens Can Hang Out Without Their Wallets Emptying Out

Neyat is an Eritrean-American girl who is an aspiring writer. She enjoys reading teen fiction, looking up obscure music artists and celebrities on Wikipedia, and traveling. She hopes that one day when you teens are tired and middle-aged, you will walk into your
local bookstore (to get away from your spouse and kids) and you will notice a book on the front display with her name on it as the bestselling author.

These days, a teen can’t get away with going out with less than twenty dollars. Parents are finding themselves forking over several tens, even twenties a week and teens are finding themselves empty handed at the end of the night. With a movie ticket costing around $11.00 and the popcorn over $7.00, it’s getting to be a huge hassle just to get out and have some well deserved fun. Though fear not, fellow teens, there are things you can do with friends that are both fun and affordable; here’s a list of ten you can try out this summer! Parents, you’ll be holding on to your bills a little bit longer.

1.  Go window shopping. Or as my mom likes to call it, browsing. Sure, it may seem like a bummer to try on clothes and not be able to buy them afterwards, but with a camera and a fitting room full of wacky clothing finds, you can have a blast!

2.  Go out for some fro-yo. Frozen yogurt is a healthy alternative to other sugary/fatty snacks, and if you go to the right place it’s a quite affordable. At Yogurtland, where I’m working this summer, yogurt is actually 30 cents an ounce, and you could get a very decent-sized cup of fro-yo for under two bucks. You’ll have a great time eating nutritious yogurt and catching up with friends!

3.  Go for a metro adventure. Take the metro (or whatever public transit your city offers). Plan a full-day trip with friends, and get to your destinations using a cheap and eco-friendly mode of transportation. A full-day pass is usually around five dollars, and you could discover all sorts of new places in that time.

4.  Go to the museum. Sure, the museum might seem like more of a place you go to on school field trips, but with friends, it’s usually pretty fun. Try playing 100 Compliments. It’s a game where you and your friends each take turns complimenting the senior docents in the museum. You’ll definitely make their day, and you’ll have fun competing to be compliment champ! Most museums have free days and give student discounts, so check out their websites before heading over.

5. Go for a picnic. There’s nothing like a picnic in a park with friends. Bring a huge blanket, homemade sandwiches/snacks, a ball, and get comfy under a nice, shady tree.

6.  Host a movie night. Movies are a lot cheaper to rent (or just use movies you already own or have recorded on your TiVO/DVR). Pop some popcorn, invite some friends over, and watch movies till you fall asleep. For fun, you could make it a themed movie night (i.e. scary/chick flicks/action/foreign, etc.)

7.  Have a scavenger hunt. What’s more fun than an old-fashioned scavenger hunt? Rally over like 20 friends, and get hunting! Two people could be in charge of hiding items and overseeing the players, and the winner could get a small prize.

8. Take a free class. Most yoga, dance, and art studios offer free trial classes or host walk-in days, so grab your friends and go try something new!

9. Have a photo shoot. Get dolled up or put on some funky costumes and have a photo shoot in the backyard. Either take America’s Next Top Model worthy pictures, or just funny ones. You’re sure to have fun, and at the end of the day, you’ll have tons of pictures to add to your scrapbooks….or more like facebooks!

10.  Have a joint yard sale. Have all of your friends collect their old junk into boxes, pick the largest front yard, and make some money selling your old stuff. You’ll have your friends to entertain you during the selling process, and in the end, each of you will have a little money to put into your pockets. And if this list proved to be worthless for you, then you could use the money from the yard sale to have your idea of fun!

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