My Inspiring Aunt Impacting The World

Alekxa is a 16-year-old from Los Angeles, CA. She enjoys running, eating, volunteering, and being with her friends.

Inspiration can come out of anything and anyone. It only takes a little courage and good intention to become somone’s idol. Personally, my one true inspiration in my life is my aunt. She personifies how good aunt should be and what a remarkable human being stands for. The main reason I admire my aunt so immensely is how she practice what she preaches. Her attitude towards life not only lifts a person’s spirit by giving hope, it also can make someone feel like the most special person in the world.

My aunt greatly embodies a person decent? Upon leaving work one day, she spotted a homeless women named Michelle and her cat. Being the decent person she is, my aunt offered whatever money she could and even food for the women’s cat; conveniently enough she always carries extra cat food in her car. Overtime my aunt and this woman developed a bond-an unlikely friendship, most would be horrified by. My aunt allowed this at first complete stranger and her cat to live with her in her house.

Quickly they discovered how truly sick Michelle is, being HIV positive and having breathing problems due to a life of excess smoking. This greatly impacted my aunt’s medical bills, she did not get any recognition for doing this, so why deal with such a headache? Well, this is a huge reason why I look up to her so much. The absolute selflessness in her nature and her total caring attitude is endearing and something extremely rare to behold.

Something incredible my aunt devotes much of her time to is helping and caring for animals. Her love for animals, especially cats, is admirable and uncommon as much people talk of their love rather than showing it. My aunt has always been the type of person to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. Whenever she spots a stray, she makes it a priority to take the time and give it food and water. Most people would make up excuses as to why they would not stop and take the time out of their day to help.

A lot of the respect I have for my aunt comes out of what a supreme example she is of what kind of a person I strive to be. Many people, especially adults in my life have a “do what I say not what I do” attitude and for teens in particular, we do not appreciate these irritating double standards.

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