The Start of Something New: 6 Tips

Aimee is from West Chester, PA, and she is 15 years old. She has a passion for figure skating, ballet, and playing the piano. She loves challenges and aspires to be a lawyer when she is older.

As students are starting to enter the final weeks of the summer holidays, thoughts of the coming school year are beginning to drift into the backs of everyone’s minds. Incoming high school and college freshman are receiving their schedules and all students are starting to think about their new teachers, new school supplies, and the homework that is bound to be coming. It’s an exciting prospect to think about the things that will be learnt and the friends that will be made, but it’s also scary to be going to the next level in school and to be going into a new learning environment. Here are my top 6 tips that can help with this experience of entering a new higher level of school:

1. Go in with an open mind: Don’t go into the situation with too many requirements. Think about the great time you will have there, but don’t stress about the little things that will sort themselves out once you get there.

2. Be confident: Don’t worry about what other people are going to think of you. Be confident with who you are and don’t change anything about yourself just for the sake of fitting in to your new school.

3. Get organized: Set up an organization system for your homework and class work so you will have good foundations for starting your classes. Also be prepared the night before; get your backpack ready and pack your lunch so the first day of school rush won’t be as hectic.

4. Stay healthy: Keeping a healthy body can help you keep a healthy mind. Eating right and exercising help people feel good about themselves, which helps people concentrate and focus better.

5. Keep it balanced: A good balance between your social life and your academic life is critical when it comes to getting the grades you want and meeting your deadlines. Be sure to set restrictions for yourself and learn how to keep and good balance.

6. Join in: Getting involved in groups and activities is a great way to make new friends and keep close bonds with old friends. Often time’s schools have their activities posted on their website, so check the list out and see what things you are interesting so you know what announcements to look out for.

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