8/13/10: Articles for Parents This Week

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Top Articles:

The 10 Weirdest Technologies for Moms
Though some phone applications and websites for moms seem a little over the top, they are actually quite useful!

What Do You Talk to Your Kids About?
Improve your relationship with your teens by improving the quality of your conversations with them.

Articles from Teens:

Teen Dating: The String Theory of Love
Hormones are raging during the teen years, so it is no surprise that teen dating leads to lots of ups and downs.

Faith is Not Having Faith
Defining religion for you and not anyone else is an important part of growing up.

10 Ways Teens Can Hang Out Without Their Wallets Emptying Out
From scavenger hunts to picnics, hanging out with your friends doesn’t have to cost you a dime.

Raging Waters and Wild Rivers: Perfect Parks for a Family Daycation
A great family trip to squeeze in before the summer ends and it’s back to school time!

And How Minimalism is the Solution
Learning from the BP oil spill, we can simplify our lives to help prevent further damage to our environment.

Battle of the Hip-Hop Heavyweights: Drake vs. Eminem
A review of the latest albums from two popular hip-hop artists.

High School without Drugs and Alcohol
10 tips to staying on the right track while navigating the drug and alcohol infused world of high school.

Learning Disorders: Illusion vs. Reality- 3 Things to Remember
Often times learning disorders are misdiagnosed. A few things to consider when you feel your child has one.
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