Teens Jobs: Why They’re Great and How to Find Them

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Summer jobs for teens are popular things to have. However, jobs don’t have to be limited to the summer. Many teens do not work during the school year since school, homework, and sports takes up a large majority of time. But, fitting in time to have an after-school job can be beneficial for many reasons. I have created a list of reasons why having an after school job can be beneficial with the help of the Associatedcontent.com article “5 Reasons Why Teenagers Should Have an After-School Job.” Here are a few reasons why teens should have a job:

1. Responsibility and Maturity: A job provides excellent experience in gaining responsibility and maturity. A working teen is responsible for arriving at work on time, cooperating with his/her boss, co-workers, and customers, and managing his/her time with schoolwork and having a job.

2. Money, Money, Money!: It’s no secret that money is an important essential to teens. Movies, restaurants, and shopping seems to get more and more expensive; so instead of just handing money out to your teen all the time, let your teen make some money. Making their own money creates independence. Teens who have a job learn about managing money they make, and form a newfound appreciation for their parents because they learn about the hard work that goes into making money. Also, teens receive paychecks and learn about how to cash in their paychecks and how to manage a banking account.

3. Keep them on their feet: Having a job will keep a teen busy. After a day at school your teen may be tired, but grabbing a snack and getting to work may actually benefit them! Instead of taking a long snack break or spending an hour to socialize with friends after school, a teen who knows he/she has to go to work and then go have dinner and do homework can help with time management.

4. “A little hard work never hurt anyone”: Regardless of a teen’s financial situation, having a job is important. A job is a way for a teen to learn about hard work and the real world. A job prepares and gives a preview for life after high school and college.

5. Motivation: Many teens are not motivated in terms of trying to get a job. Most teens would much rather watch TV, go on Facebook, or hang out with friends than work. So, ways to motivate your teen to get a job could be giving them a small allowance
so that if they want more money they realize they have to earn it themselves, or sit down and discuss possible jobs with them.
Most teens don’t realize that stores they work at give perks to
employees such as big employee discounts!

6. College: Colleges love to see teens having work experience. It looks great on a resume!

Although after-school jobs are a good idea to have, they are not for everyone! Students should only have an after-school job if they can handle it. With a busy school day, homework, and sports sometimes having a job after-school is impossible. So, a weekend job or having a job during the summer is a great option! Here a few job options that are popular for teens and young adults:

1. Working in the library: Some schools and public libraries will pay students to work at the library. From putting back and organizing books, to shutting down computers and tucking in chairs, this is a quiet peaceful job and is usually a job where you can get some homework done too.

2. Baby Sitting: This is probably one of the most popular jobs. Baby Sitting is a job that is based around your schedule and when you are free. You get paid to hang out with kids and it is a valuable experience.

3. Dog Walking: Are you a dog lover? You can get paid to walk dogs and it is a great way to get exercise too!

4. Tutoring: Tutoring is a great way to help others. Whether it is for community service or you get paid, you are helping others and working your brain.

5. Working as a cashier, hostess, waitress, and salesperson: These jobs entitle a teen to develop manners and deal with customers.

6. An online job: If transportation is an issue or you love working from your computer, online jobs are getting increasingly popular!
One can start a job designing websites, making business cards, or even working for a website!RadicalParenting.com is always looking for writers!!

The following websites are great to check out to learn about jobs that are
hiring in your area!

1. Simplyhired.com
2. Studentjobs.gov
3. Gotajob.com
4. Teens4hire.org
5. Teenagercrossing.com

6. Hireteen.com

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