8/27/10: Articles for Parents This Week

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Top Articles:

Why Teen Girls Like Jerks
4 ways the “bad boy” phenomenon has trickled down to teenage girls.

When Your Teen Does Something ‘Bad’ Should You Punish or Let it Slide?
Finding balance when raising your teens means choosing your battles wisely.

Articles from Teens:

The Vlogbrothers Effect
Two brothers start a Vlog and influence millions of young adults so they “Don’t Forget To Be Awesome”.  

Jersey Shore: The Show That’s Influencing Your Child
The ever-popular reality TV show on MTV has a scary influence on teens these days.

Back To School Fashion On A Budget
It’s that time of year again! 8 tips on how to make your shopping trip easier on your wallet.

Teens Jobs: Why They’re Great and How to Find Them
6 reasons teens should get a job, 6 teen summer jobs and 6 great job search sites!

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Radical Parenting Using Your Intuition Webinar

Parenting Webinar with Vanessa Van Petten and Tara Paterson:  This Webinar is perfect for parents of all ages and will give parents insight into how they can understand and approach their children with a totally new perspective: Radical Intuition. We become dependent on too many resources outside of ourselves for guidance on parenting. We look to the latest books, advice from experts, family, friends, church, community, web sites, media, etc. What about finding your own inner knowing about how to parent your child?  It is our intention with this cutting edge webinar- Radical Parenting Using Intuition, to empower you as a parent to trust your feelings and intuition when it comes to raising your child.

  • Hear from a parent of 4 intuitive children what it means to use your intuition when interacting with your child.
  • Learn from a teen expert, what tweens and teens are saying about their parents and why certain things work, and other things don’t.

This webinar pairs a seasoned intuitive parent/ parent coach and an experienced intuitive mentor and teen coach together to share both sides of the coin.  A must have tool for all parenting tool boxes!

Radical Parenting Using Intuition

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