Teens and Politics

Alekxa is a 16-year-old from Los Angeles, CA. She enjoys running, eating, volunteering, and being with her friends.

It is never too early to start becoming involved in politics and the current state of your nation. Where one lives should matter to them. Whether it be as large as their entire or nation or just their local neighborhood. Teenagers, especially must become active in their community if they desire to make changes and have better lives for themselves and for future generations.

As spoken out before, democracy is not a spectator sport. Teens need to realize this now, so their confidence will grow and be able to vocalize what they believe. Learning about politics and how our government works is the first step in becoming involved in how our country is run.

 As often as we teens hear this and as tedious as it becomes it is completely true: we are the leaders of tomorrow. We control the future and we decide how good or how bad it will be. The choice is ours.

There are many fun and productive ways to begin your interest in politics. The greatest thing teens can then do with their knowledge is share it with others, so more people will start taking interest and becoming concerned with their environment. The earlier people in general start caring about their government and how it is run, higher standards of living will be demanding.

Taking part in the process of campaigning can be an incredible opportunity. Volunteering or interning for a certain  candidate a teen really feels they resonate with can be an excellent learning experience and prepare them for their  future life in politics.

Start a club at your school or enroll in an outside of school organization.  JSA or the Junior Statesmen Foundation is an organization I have personally recently taken part of. It offers schools across the nation to create a chapter where teens can discuss current issues within their community. There are also conventions a few times a years where all different school come together to debate and converse on important topics within the media and the country.

Just watching the news, listening to talk shows, and reading a newspaper are extraordinary ways for youth to keep themselves informed with up to date reports. It is imperative for teens to remember to watch a variety of news stations so they do not get one biased story, but rather make up their mind on what their opinion. To take it to the next step there are little, basic things like writting a petition for the mayor or having a mini protest agasinst something in your community are great, simple ways to unite with peers and take a stand. It is
never too early to take part in something bigger than yourself.

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