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Neyat is an Eritrean-American girl who is an aspiring writer. She enjoys reading teen fiction, looking up obscure music artists and celebrities on Wikipedia, and traveling. She hopes that one day when you teens are tired and middle-aged, you will walk into your local bookstore (to get away from your spouse and kids) and you will notice a book on the front display with her name on it as the bestselling author.

Teens, want a fun, environmentally-friendly, and cheap thing to do with your friends? Go Metro! Yes, I know, you might be thinking I’m off my rocker for offering a mode of transportation as a cure for boredom, but, please, hear me out!

Every town has its own public transportation options, but here in LA, where I reside, we go metro! Riding the metro, train, or what have you, is simple, affordable, and surprisingly fun! This is a great way to spend time with friends without the need to find a ride or dish out a pretty penny for a movie ticket or expensive dinner. It allows you to explore parts of your area that you may have originally overlooked, and, as a bonus, you and your friends will find hidden local hot spots that aren’t already infested with teens trying to be hip. Before you begin your adventures though, check out the tips and tricks


Tips and Tricks for a Safe and Successful Metro Adventure

· Plan ahead. Before embarking on your journey, look up your city’s metro hours.

· Decide what spots you and your friends would like to hit and map it out! Take note of how long your whole adventure will last and don’t forget to add in the time it takes to ride the metro both ways.

· Once at the station, it’s usually best to buy a day pass to use whenever you make bus changes and it’s cheaper (around $5).

· It’s important to have a game plan. Make sure everyone has a cell phone and always stay in pairs. Also, decide what you’ll do if someone gets lost, and in the event that all of you get lost, make sure to have a parent volunteer to pick you all up!

· Also, it’s probably best to go on a morning adventure because I’m not sure about what it’s like in your hometowns, but the LA Metro at night isn’t a great experience, it’s a bit frightening.

· Things to bring: cell phone, money, camera (to capture the fun), jacket, student id (sometimes gets you discounts), water bottle, good walking shoes, map/directions, and yourselves of course!

Happy Trails!

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