To Drink or Not to Drink?

Alexandra, from Farmingville, NY, is 17 years old and enjoys helping others. She is extremely motivated and focused and enjoys meeting new people. She one day hopes to be a psychologist.

Being a teen, attending High School, College, and even beginning in Middle School, the pressure’s around you to drink and fit in are high. I know, personally, I’ve heard about instances of my peers drinking back in 7th grade, and you can be certain those drinking instances didn’t end well. I have friends 2, 3, even 5 years older than me, and I prefer friends older and more mature. But being around people who are 21 and up, legal to drink, can cause for even more pressure on a individual to drink. Regardless of the age, teens are going to drink and party unless they personally choose not to and stick to it.

Teens with the will power, like myself, not feeling obligated to drink when they go out, I feel, are the most responsible and independent people out there. Choosing to be different than the crowd rather than doing what other’s are doing, shows a confident and realer person. Why I say realer is because when someone drinks, regardless of the age, they become someone who they’re not, saying and doing things they don’t mean and have absolute no control over; that to me, is fake. So does going to a party where there is alcohol mean you have to drink. NO, and that’s where so many teens go wrong. Just because your peers are choosing to go above the law and drink does not mean you need to do so as well and make a complete fool of yourself too. One of the biggest problems with underage drinking is obvious, they have no understanding of how much they can handle. Our bodies are a precious gift and the damage done to it at such a young age will stick with us forever, so we should take care of it.

Personally, I am invited to parties all the time. I go, and enjoy the social aspect of it, without having to drink. People ask all the time why I don’t drink, and even try to talk me into having a drink or two. Now that I’m 17 and legal to drive, I drive everywhere I go including parties. So mostly I tell them I don’t want to drink because I’m driving. But before I started driving full time, it was harder to try and get out of it, but I stuck to my guns, even if I had some absurd excuses. I tried just telling them I didn’t want to drink, that it’s technically a DEPRESSANT, but whose going to take that for an answer. So I reverted to using stupid excuses, and at this point barely ever get invited to parties anymore. But I’ve learned the type of person I am, and am much happier hanging out with a small group of friends, sober, preferably eating.

I always keep in the back of my mind that a drunk person has no fun if they drink alone, so they will do whatever they can to get others to do it with them. I know many people that even at 16, needed to drink to have fun. I see no point in that, because than when you become sober again, what now? Life becomes boring sober for them, and that is when a person can potentially turn into an alcoholic, looking forward to being drunk again more and more.

My advice is not to isolate oneself from the world so they don’t get pressured to drink, because truth is no matter where you are and what you’re doing there is pressures all around. Rather, enjoy your life without the influence of drugs and alcohol in the mix, life is more fulfilling that way.

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