How to Be A Life Connoisseur

Can you taste test your way through life? I believe you can…it’s called being a life connoisseur. Living life to it’s fullest, enjoying the moment and finding happiness in what you have are all principles of being a life connoisseur and you do not need to be rich, or jobless or perfect to do it. Here is how you can be a connoisseur of life:

1. Cultivate the things you find beautiful

I usually do not write such esoteric posts, but this is one area that, as I cultivate it, has increased my happiness tremendously. First, there is so much beauty in everyday life. Take a few moments and think about the areas of your life you find most beautiful, and by beautiful I mean appealing, attractive and happy-making. They can be both big and small. Here are some of mine:

-My best friend’s dogs

-Nicely shaped wine glasses

-Laughing at YouTube videos

-Driving down Ocean Blvd in Los Angeles

-Calling my friend Margo

-Sending nice text messages to my mom or grandma.

2. Be Aware of Experience

Once you identify those things that make you appreciate life, work on bringing them into your life with more awareness on a daily basis. Once I realized how much joy I get from my friend’s dogs—because I cannot have my own in my apartment. I started to make dates with them where we could bring the dogs with us. This was super easy, and my friends loved it so they did not have to leave their dog home alone. The awareness made me appreciate them more, live in the moment and not take for granted what I already had.

3. Savor Life Experience Like Fine Wine

Why can’t we taste life as we taste wine? Wine connoisseurs collect their favorite wine’s, taste test all around the world—or at their local wine bar and discuss and relish in their favorites. I think we can do the same with life experiences. My friends know that they can invite me to the most bizarre events, and I will probably go. I like to taste test them like wine. Last weekend’s hot dog eating contest isn’t my favorite bottle, but it was fun to try it and made me appreciate my favorite local restaurant even more afterwards.

This is the kind of lifestyle that can start with one hobby and grow into a lifestyle. What other life experiences do you cultivate?


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