How to Keep A Really Awesome Travel Journal

All too often I will be talking to someone about a favorite or desired destination and they say, “Oh man, I wish I had kept a journal, I could tell you that restaurant I loved!” Keeping a travel journal is one of the best ways to appreciate traveling. Here is why you should try to keep a travel journal:

-It will help you remember great and not so great, but funny memories

-You can keep track of where you have been for when you return or someone asks you for a suggestion

-Writing it helps you appreciate and savor the moment as a life connoisseur.

If you have never tried to keep a travel journal, or you have always started, but could never keep it up, here are a few tips for you:

1. Pick Your Medium

Some people love writing by hand, other’s are always on the computer, other’s still prefer to talk about their memories. Before leaving think about what medium you feel the most free in. I know some like to type because it is faster. Do not try to pick a medium you never use at home, this will make it even harder to adapt into your daily schedule while traveling. Here are a few options:

-Garage Band voice recording

-Moleskin journal



-Dictaphone or tape recorder that journalists use

-Website or blog

2. Set-up A Place for Too Tired/Too Busy

There are some days when journaling is easy—long flights, or rainy day in the hotel. But there are some nights when I am just too tired. This is when most people give-up. They go too many days without writing anything down and then forget or feel like it will take too much time to catch-up. So, I have my paper journal, but on days when I am too tired or too busy I just make bullet notes in my phone or send an email to myself. Worst comes to worst, at least I can paste the bullets in for those days. Something like this:

  • Buenos Aires today
  • Went to Hollywood district for lamb lunch
  • Saw the Casa Roja
  • Sat in the square—many protestors.
  • Took the bus to the obelisk
  • Ate dinner at Loca’s house and had homemade paella!

Sure there were more details, but at least I remember what I did that day and could always expand on it later.

3. Think about putting it on a website or blog.

I always go to GoDaddy and search through silly domain names for my trip and then set-up a little blog or website to put up my posts for families and parents. This is a great way to stay accountable.

4. Journal through pictures and videos

My boyfriend and travel partner is not much of a writer, so while I write he videos and takes photos. He often will host them on his own website. BlueHost is great for hosting. Then the story is told through photos. He can always add captions, but it is a lot less intensive while still savoring and logging memories.

I encourage you to try your combination of the above tips. In the long run you and your family will be grateful you kept log of all of your adventures!

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