4 Ideas on Gifts for Teens

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Have you ever had a moment of panic upon the realization that your teenager friend’s birthday is just around the corner and you had no gift ready? It is sometimes difficult to find a suitable gift at a cost-effective price. Not only that, gifts, whether they are for adults or teenagers, have to be personal. They must be something that tells the person, “Hey! I care for you.”

When the occasion calls, you do not always have to buy things as gifts. With the internet nowadays, sending e-cards are becoming more and more popular. There are many sites that offer free e-cards and it just takes a few clicks to send one to multiple people. However, the tradition of snail mail cards will never die out. There is a huge difference between sending an e-card and a snail mail card. A snail mail card gives the receiver the impression that you took the time to buy, write, and post the card. Never just sign the card. Write something and/or draw a picture if you want. Be creative! You will be surprised to learn that your friend might still be keeping the card 10 years on.

Gift cards
Gift cards are very useful if you do not know what to buy for a teenager. The card gives them the freedom to buy what they want. You can even buy gift cards from online stores! An example would be the iTunes Store. iTunes Store offers music, movies, TV shows, and teenagers love those. Another example of stores that offers gift cards would be online clothing stores. While there is a wide range of these stores available for girls, some good stores do offer men clothing wear.

Expert ideas
Gifts.com is one great site that offers ideas for cool teen gifts that are handpicked by gift experts. The best part is you don’t have to pay for the expert advice! There are many unique and creative gifts on showcase and if there is something teenagers like, it would fit into those categories.

Pass by a newsstand during after-school hours and chances are you will see teenagers hanging there reading magazines. Not every teenager have the money to subscribe to a magazine on a monthly or yearly basis. Buy your teenager friend a subscription to their favorite magazine. What do you think are their interests? Entertainment? Writing? Fashion? Technology? Sports? Anime? Before buying the magazine subscription, please keep in mind that not every magazine have appropriate material and you might want to check it first.

Always remember to be practical when choosing a gift (or card). Be sure that your gift is something that suits the person and will be used. You wouldn’t want to buy something that will end up in the attic, untouched. Making the gift special is also important. No one likes receiving a half-hearted gift. It’s either you give and give properly or you don’t give. A gift should always be a message to someone that you remember and care.

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