How to Become A Summer Chaser: Follow the Best Weather Around the World


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 I, unfortunately, grew up in Southern California. I say unfortunately because although it was beautiful, it spoiled me. Now that I am in my twenties I have decided I want to move away from the Southern California lifestyle, but not the Southern California weather. Since, I am addicted to traveling, I have slowly found a way to pursue the best weather around the world…and cultivate a lifestyle as a summer chaser.

Here is how you can be a weather chaser:

1. Pick Your Ideal Climate

I tend to like Mediterranean climate—70  to 85 degree weather year round and do not care much for seasons. This might not be ideal for you. I know many people who chase moderate seasons all year round. Others, who prefer cooler 50 to 60 degree climate all the time.

2. Match Locations

If you are lucky there are one or two places that actually have your ideal weather year round. Use a climate map to find your places.


3. Choose Locations

Even if your locations have your perfect weather, they might not be your perfect place, as I found with Southern California. This is when you can get creative and pick your perfect locations.

4. Make Your Cycle

Once you have picked your perfect locations and weather areas, you can match up when you want to be where. Here is a sample:

Fall: New York City, Chicago, Boston

Winter: Austin, Los Angeles, San Diego,

Spring: Florida, Atlanta

Summer: Portland, Seattle, Napa Valley

Now you can start to plan how you can make a lifestyle to take you to a different place every season or every two seasons. Check out our article on how we make it work and travel for a living.

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