Scavenger Hunts For Teens

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Being a teenager is one of the amazing things in life. You are old enough to have fun and do a lot of adult things like driving, staying out later, and being in control of your own bed time. But still young enough to have the luxury of a roof put over your head, not having to work or pay bills, and getting the benefit of the doubt if you screw up. But sometimes even the luxurious life of a teen can be a little boring at times. Sometimes you may find yourself bored with nothing stimulating at all to do. I know I do at times! That’s where scavenger hunts for teens come in. Scavenger hunts are super cool ways to occupy teenagers and get them thinking. The clues are easy enough to figure out, but hard enough to get your brain going and feel accomplished when figuring them out. There are a tons of different scavenger hunts on the website Masters of the Hunt. It is where I first tried the “Hollywood Hunt”, and fell in love with online hunts. What better way to expand your mind and have fun as well, all with out leaving  home?

The best thing about scavenger hunts for teens is it allows them to do something productive and have a great time. I cannot stress this enough, it gets teens thinking WHILE having fun! Yes, that’s right I said while having fun. Teenagers aren’t stupid, but sometimes classes in school just lose their interest and they fail. It is not okay, granted; but it happens sometimes. With some classes its just work, work, think, add, think! All while looking at tons of black and white numbers that make your head spin and make you feel like you just want to give up. Well with scavenger hunts for teens, its gets them to think, work, add, all with the distraction of fun clues and a good time. It allows their minds to work productively with out stressing out.

Ok, So when I was first given a chance to try the Holly wood Hunt I was super excited. Not only did I think it would be fun, but challenging as well in a good way. I’ve always liked things that challenge me a bit, and when I finish I feel like I’m on top of the world. Well I can for sure say that the hunt exceeded my expectations. My good friend and I did it together. We had a blast putting the clues together and felt accomplished when we found a solution. It was also a great ice breaker. The hunt acted as common ground. We laughed at things some of the clues reminded us of, and such. I think that if you have a son or daughter then these hunts will totally occupy them and they will have a good time as well. All while giving their brain a healthy challenge.

I wouldn’t say this if it weren’t true, I really did enjoy the hunt. My friend and I are considering downloading more actually. Every clue had a hidden solution that you just had to figure out. And when we did, we felt like we won the lottery. We also took some of the games suggestions and ate popcorn and used  fake awards when won. We solved clues, laughed, and eventually got to “Destiny Diamond”. So all in all we filled up our time with something stimulating.

To give you an idea of what the game is, I ‘ll give you the puzzle and solution for clue 1:

A bunch of what looked like movie tickets were scattered all around a page with different numbers on each one. We really didn’t know what to make of it, until it came to me. These numbers must mean something. So I added them all up just to see what it would come out to. The numbers on the tickets all added up to 54. And on the fictitious Hollywood map, Studio 54 was a destination. Which was the solution to the clue. We high fived and were pretty happy. For me it was also somewhat of a confidence booster, it made me feel smart when i solved a clue. Each clue was pretty simple when you really looked at the big picture, but at the same time fun to figure out. Id give you other examples, but this hunt is to fun not to solve on your own! I think the hunts are great if your in the market for an exciting challenge, or even to have at a sleep over or something just for fun. I know I’ll be back for more! Besides, In my opinion if your using your brain more your mind becomes sharper anyway. So weather you are playing just to have fun, or for challenge, it’s a “win win” situation!

In conclusion, teen scavenger hunts are great ways for kids to use their brain while having a blast. I didn’t even mention the fact that you can make your own hunt which is just as, if not more fun than using an already put together hunt. You can be in control of your fun by making your very own hunt, or go the traditional route and download one out of masters of the hunts spectacular selection. Either way you will have an awesome time while using common sense to complete mind puzzles. It’s the perfect time to start something new and adventurous. Get downloading people! =)

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