How to Keep An Awesome Business Journal

Most of the major business moguls keep business journals and logs. It can be tedious, to keep up with life and take time to log, but totally worth it. Here are a few reasons why you should try to keep a business journal:

-It will help you remember meetings, names and details of meetings in one place

-You can keep track of where you have been for when you return or someone asks you for a suggestion.

-Writing helps you process events and discussions when life moves very fast.

-You can keep the log for autobiographies later!

If you have never tried to keep a business journal, or you have always started, but could never keep it up, here are a few tips for you:

1. Pick your method.

Some people love writing by hand, other’s are always on the computer, other’s still prefer to talk through their day. Before picking think about the medium you feel the most expressive in and is easiest for you to use frequently. I know some like to type because it is faster. Some prefer to dictate. Here are a few options:

-Paper journal



-Dictaphone or tape recorder that journalists use

-Website or blog

-Cell phone

2. Set-up a place for too tired/too busy.

There are some days when business journaling is easy—long flights, or Friday afternoons. But there are some nights when I am just too tired. This is when most people give-up. They go too many days without writing anything down and then forget or feel like it will take too much time to catch-up. So, I usually have my paper journal, but on days when I am too tired or too busy, I just make bullet notes in my phone or send an email to myself. Worst comes to worst, at least I can paste the bullets in for those days. Something like this:

  • Meeting with Jack Harraway- Need to follow up on budget
  • Interviewed 2 interns: Cara Lovejoy and Leslie Chin—approved.
  • Lunch at desk
  • Important emails: Buckingham, Chester regarding loan and media tour with MBooth.

Sure there were more details, but at least I remember what I did that day and could always expand on it later.

3. Think about putting it on a website or blog.

Corporate blogs are all the rage. Make sure that you approve this with higher ups and be careful on private information. I use GoDaddy and then set-up a little blog or website to put up my posts. You can host at BlueHost as well, which is very easy. This is a great way to stay accountable.

4. Be sure to keep private information private or in code.

You never know who might pick up your journal and read it. Therefore, I keep my jottings perfunctory and in overview format. If I need to write something private that I want to keep record of, I use a code only I would understand.

Business journaling has many benefits and helps you stay up with the moguls. Give it a try and sort out your own combination of the above tips!

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