10/8/10 Articles for Parents This Week

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Sex Talks for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers
Teens need tons of help, support and information if they are going to wait to have sex! This means you! You’ll be happy to know that parents are teens’ primary influence when it comes to making decisions about sexuality, love and relationships.
We will cover just what teens need to hear from you when it comes to dating and relationships. What you need to know to keep help them wait to have sex, resist pressure, understand what a healthy relationship looks like and make smart decisions about sex and relationships.

Top Articles:

Teens “Just Hanging Out”
This dreaded phrase does not always mean what you think it means. Parents, start a dialogue with your teen and ease those fears!

8 Helpful (and Quirky) Websites for Moms
These websites will save moms time and energy- from a site that keeps track of bills to a site where you can vent to other moms.

Are Teens Outsourcing Their Ability to Make Decisions?
Four websites that help make decisions for us could be hurting our own decision-making skills.

Articles from Guests:

Are You a “Space Invader” or a “Watchdog”? [Guest Post]
Recognizing the introverts and extroverts in your family can ease the tension and increase understanding between parents and kids.

Is Perfect Parenting Mission Improbable [School Counselor Column]
No one is perfect, not even parents! As long as you continue to inform yourself and use what works for you, your kids will turn out just fine.

Articles from Teens:

Picking a Major: Love vs. Money – Pros and Cons
How to decide between pursuing what you love versus what will pay off those student loans the quickest.

Real Life “Mean Girls”
Unfortunately, this isn’t just a move. “Mean Girls” do exist and here’s the low down on three different types of them.

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