Fashion Night Out 2010: Current Teen Trends

Ichien is a 17 year old who was born and raised in Queens, NY. During her free time, she can be found in the midst of crowded streets shopping, going to a movie theater, filming, reading or writing. She loves the bright city lights at night and adores the city that never sleeps. She has a passion for filming and writing and hopes that one day she can make use of her passion to inspire the world.

“Walk, walk, fashion baby,” as Lady Gaga would say in her song “Romance.” The zeitgeist of the evening was perfect for strutting your stuff and expressing yourself through fashion. It’s the time of the year again when the art of fashion is celebrated globally. On September 10, retail stores, designers and celebrities joined together for the second year to celebrate the fashion and celebrate the Fashion Night Out event. Trendsetters and trend followers would sashay up and down the stylish streets of New York City. During this special event, you can’t help but wonder what are the new trends for this season.

Here is a list of the fall trends:

1. RAWR. . .Show your fierce side with animal prints!

Animal prints are making a statement and they are here to stay this season. From leopard prints to cheetah prints, anyone can rock out their favorite animal and be Sasha Fierce.

2. Aren’t flowers pretty?

Floral print is so “IN” this year. With all these patterns floating around, the floral pattern is one that is definitely blooming. These floral prints are feminine and cute to wear. From skirts to leggings to blouses there’s a need to show off those flowers!

3. Jean + Leggings = JEGGINGS

Jeggings are the new skinny jeans. They are stretchy, comfortable and they hug your curves. What’s not to like about them?

4. Leather is bringing sexy back

The 50’s are making a comeback once again. It’s nice to keep a leather jacket in your closet when you’re in the mood for the rocker scene.

5. Neo Neon

Want to add a bit of color in your wardrobe; something that pops and stands out? Neon colors are becoming trendy this season.

They’re bright, colorful and fun kinds of color to mix and match.

6. Attention please the military is making a comeback!

Feeling patriotic? Military jackets are so “in” because they give off a classy, chic look. A must have this season!

7. Patterns…PLAID

Plaid is still the one of the popular patterns to wear. It’s cute and casual to wear any day.

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