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Being a tween is a difficult time in our lives, when you’re in between childhood and the precious teenage years.  I know that I was confused about how to act, what would be considered mature, and what would be the right thing to do. So that is why tweens look forward to receiving the best presents all year round, because no matter how old you are, getting and receiving great presents never run out of style.

But do me a favor, when you buy them gifts, don’t just check out what’s in style. You have know what they like, their hobbies and then find something that’s cool and something they will be interested in. Here are a few suggestions for different tweens.

Gifts for the Girlies

Is your tween a totally all about pink and frills kind of gal? Well, here are a few gift ideas that will have them melting in joy.

1. Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties Perfume $30.00 Kohls

This fashionista’s perfume is one of the few ones that I think manages to smell sophisticated, yet innocent and fresh at the same time. No matter how your child feels on a day, grown or wanting to be a carefree youngster, they can always be sure that it is the right scent.

2. Petite Chocolate and Strawberry Gift Basket 30.00 Harry and David

Most tweens have insecurities, at least I know I do. It’s that moment where puberty kicks in and boy, our self esteem is not that high. But let’s boost those confidence levels by using this great yummy smelling body wash. This cute kit includes bubble bath, body lotion, bath powder, bath sponge, and to top it all off, a satin sleep mask. How adorable is that? After their mini spa day, your tween will feel like a twinkly princess and look like one too from head to toe.

3. Stila Purrfect Eyes- The Talking Pallet $45.00 Sephora

Think your little girl is ready for the big step of applying makeup? Well, here is the perfect thing to teach her how to do it. This kit actually talks and teaches you step by step how to apply your make up, so she’ll look amazing. With a press of a button, it gives you simple and easy to comprehend directions for applications.

To the Tomboys

Are your daughters energetic, and couldn’t care less about looking like a princess? Well here are some presents that will get them squealing with joy.

1. American Eagle Short Sleeved Striped Sweater 29.50 American Eagle Outfitters

Tomboys are always on the move, whether it’s to play sports or to skateboard in the park. Well give them this pretty cozy sweater that will blend in perfectly with their normal routine. Just slip it on, and they’ll look great and feel cozy at the same time.

2. DC Stratford Backpack 29.50 CCS

This backpack not only looks cute, but can hold many things in it too! The outer pocket is roomy and there is a great logo sign that really pops out. Plus, there is a skateboard holder so she can always have it on the go.

3. Sports Authority Gift Card Sports Authority

Still don’t think you have any good gifts on hand, well just let her pick out! Give her a card with the amount of money you’re comfortable with and watch her go crazy with joy. Not only does she have a choice to her present, but there will also be a guarantee that she’ll love it.

An Award for the Athletes

For the wannabe future sports star, these presents will have them discard their tough exterior and giving you hugs and kisses full of thanks.

1. Madden NFL 11 (XBOX 360) 54.99

Help him feel like the touchdown hero he really is with this down to the core guy game With every noise and move, they’ll feel like they are playing in the actual team instead of moving their fingers.. It’s no secret that tween guys love their video games, but when you mix that with sports, your athlete will have gotten a taste of heaven.

2. Nike Dri-FIT Franchise Mesh Men’s Basketball Shorts 19.97 Nike Official Store

These shorts are designed to fit him comfortably while moving and in a fashion that won’t make him look like he’s homeless. It also swipes off the sweat so that when he comes home from a game, you’ll both be happy, him with his fun smell, you with your still clean smelling house.

3. Ripstick G Caster Board 74.99 Target

Does he want to try something new because his skateboard is kind of becoming boring? Well then the Ripstick G is a great gift. It combines skateboarding and snowboarding and resembles a traditional skateboard. It takes only minutes to master and moves with subtle movements. His friends will awe at it and so will him.

Something for Mr. Brain

1. MindFlex 69.99 Walmart

This is something that all boys will love. It allows for you to actually move a tiny foam ball with your mind. Simply snap on the lightweight headset and well, think! The headset measures your brainwaves in minutes, he’ll become Mr. Psychogenesis.

2. Rubik’s Slide 17.99 Target

Hey, here’s one of those few things that can get him confused! A newer version of the Rubik’s Cube, it is almost impossible to figure out. See how long it takes for him to stop obsessing over it. I bet not for days.

3. Kindle Wifi 139.99

You know he loves to read, but isn’t it such a hassle to bring different books everywhere? Will now you don’t have to worry about losing any books anymore because he’ll have the Kindle Wifi! This device allows him to read any book, just by a touch. Before you know it, this will be with him everywhere you go.

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