10-15-10: Articles for Parents this Week

Hello Readers,We went to AllyKatzz this weekend and did a super great interview with Schmiddlebopper about the amazing WeStopHate Campaign. Please check it out here!

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2. I am doing a teleclass with Amy Lang on talking to kids and teens about sex:

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Sex Talks for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers
Teens need tons of help, support and information if they are going to wait to have sex! This means you! You’ll be happy to know that parents are teens’ primary influence when it comes to making decisions about sexuality, love and relationships.
We will cover just what teens need to hear from you when it comes to dating and relationships. What you need to know to keep help them wait to have sex, resist pressure, understand what a healthy relationship looks like and make smart decisions about sex and relationships.

Top Articles:

Jewish Teenagers: How Jewish Identity Is Changing for Young People
Four ways the younger generation embraces their Jewish identity.

Why Teen’s Have A Deep Sense of Justice
Having a better understanding of your teen’s sense of injustice can lessen the arguments and teen angst and bring you closer together.

Articles from Teens:

Fashion Night Out 2010: Current Teen Trends
From plaid to neon to leather, what teens are wearing this season.

10 Websites That Can Be Enjoyed in Less Than 10 Minutes
Sites that are both educational and entertaining like Ted.com, which features fascinating talks from brilliant minds, or Last FM, which helps people discover new music.

Dear Me: A Letter to My Younger Self
What a 17 year old girl would say to her 13 year old self.

The Life of an Only Child
A teen tackles the myths and truths of being an “Only”.

If “Life” were a Class in High School
Some of the major life lessons a young adult has learned thus far in his 17 years of life.

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