Letter to my 11-Year Old Self

Christina is a 13 year old from Fanwood, New Jersey that enjoys flirting, reading, and can’t live without internet. She’s crazy, have no modesty, but somehow, still likable. Her favorite subject is English since she likes to show off her writing skills.

Dear 11 year old Christina,

I know you’re so excited for middle school, when everything just seems so mature and grown up. You’re going to  meet so many awesome friends that’ll seem like sisters in a few months. But as much as I hate to tell you this, it’s not going to be a fairy-tale. First of all, you’re finally going to have to admit to yourself that Leonardo DiCaprio is not your soulmate when you see his picture with his girlfriend in “Us Magazine.” You’ll have a teacher that doesn’t like you (I know, shocking), and people that don’t like you. Here are some things I wish I knew then.

You know how you’re seventh grade friends are telling you how attractive those eighth graders are? Well, they forgot to mention how obnoxious some can get when they talk. Or the fact most of them look down at you even if you’re only a couple years younger than them. So don’t go and fall hard for one of them annoying guys. I know that you have a thing toward bad boys, you still do at age thirteen, but, tread lightly, tread very lightly.

Remember when your fifth grade teacher told you that in sixth grade, you, one of the brightest students in the class, will do fine without breaking a sweat? He lied. You are going to walk into the halls of Christopher Columbus middle school with a ray of blinding confidence and come home with tired breath coming out of every pore. The AP classes are exhausting and the teachers will seem so strange. Just don’t let the fact that you’re smart get to you, or else that ego of yours will be harmful.

Here’s the thing about you, or us, as I should say; we love attention. Sure, you are naturally goofy and funny, but you tend to go over the top sometimes. Especially in front of guys. Just know that attention sometimes isn’t the very best kind. You’ll see when you’re my age and look back, but just try to be yourself and don’t be too strange. If people are really your friends, they’ll like you for who you are, not who you pretend to be.

Don’t worry, things do get easier some steps down the road, but sixth grade will take you by a storm and it’ll be exhausting. I know you’re strong and I know how you’ll handle everything situation so that they can end up with the best possible answer. As long as you have the support of family and friends, you’ll make it out at the other end just fine.

Plenty of love,

A 13-year-old Christina

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2 Responses to “Letter to my 11-Year Old Self”

  1. Chelsea
    October 22, 2010 at 10:13 am #

    Very well written! You have good insight. Sixth grade took me by storm, too. I bet we could all write letters to ourselves at that age.

  2. chanel
    October 31, 2010 at 9:26 am #

    this letter was realy n good form of advice for all and it the truth some of us don’t have so mutch guts to admit that

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