A Parent’s Guide to Modern Family: What Parents Should Know While Watching Modern Family

We have had a lot of requests from our readers to delve into some of the popular TV shows and talk about how parents and teens can watch these shows together. We write a lot about ‘teachable moments’ where parents can use experiences to talk to and teach their teens important values and lessons. TV shows can actually be great opportunities for parents and teens to talk! In the next few weeks we will be posting about some of the episodes of popular shows that parents and teens can watch together along with talking points!

Summary of Modern Family: What is Modern Family?

If you have not seen Modern Family, it is a show depicting one large family, living in three different households and nuclear families. Modern Family number 1 is Phyl and Claire who are the parents of three kids–Alex, Haley and Luke. Modern Family 2 is Claire’s brother Mitchell, who has a life partner Cameron and adopted daughter Lily. Modern Family 3 is Claire and Mitchell’s father Jay who is married to Colombian Gloria and has adopted her son Manny. The show is about the three of these families interacting together and the struggles and strife’s of Modern Family.

Modern Family is a great show to bring up interesting discussion points with your teens and family. The show brilliantly (and often humorously) brings up important issues for all modern families. I encourage families to actually watch the show together and talk about issues that arise during each episode. For the show in general, there are many great talking points families can discuss to get to know each other better:

Modern Family Conversation Starters for Parents

1) Which is your favorite character?

2) Which character do you feel you are most similar to? Is this different or the same than your favorite character, why?

3) Which family is the most ‘normal’? Is there such a thing as a normal family?

4) Why is this called ‘modern family?’ What is so modern about this show?

5) Do you think the characters are realistic or are they extreme versions of real life people?

6) What would you like your family to look like?

7) If you could write an episode of Modern Family, what issue would you want to discuss?

Then make some of your own! Watching television does not have to be a passive experience, be sure to take advantage of the issues that your shows bring up!

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  1. Val Garner
    October 29, 2010 at 5:14 pm #

    TV shows can be a great source of opening up communication with teens. They are very comfortable with the medium and its less scary to talk about a show’s character than people they know, and a great chance to get to know them better and vice versa.

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